The chances are that you’ve probably heard of Dalmatia the moment you have heard of Croatia.
But besides the sandy beaches, endless sunshine, beautiful nature, and delicious cuisine, how much really are you familiar with the term Dalmatia?

Here are ten general facts to boost up your knowledge about this beautiful region and, believe us, every native Dalmatian would be truly amazed at a foreigner knowing about their homeland!

  1. Dalmatia is a geographical region on the eastern side of Adriatic sea and is considered a southern region in Croatia. It has borders with three countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina (the longest border on the East), Montenegro on the South and a maritime border with Italy on the West
  2. The name comes from an ancient Illyrian nation the Delmas who inhabited this area before the Roman colonization.
  3. Dalmatia has a continuous and rich history. After the Roman colonization which left us amazing monuments, it served as a capital for several kings during the Croatian Kingdom.
    For centuries after the Kingdom, Dalmatia was under the reign of several forces back in the past. Venice, Ottoman Empire, Napoleon Bonaparte, Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Italy, Yugoslavia and finally – Croatia, where it always belonged demographically, culturally and emotionally.
  4. Besides tourism, beautiful beaches, and clean aquamarine sea, Dalmatia also has some other treasures.
    On the very South of the region around Ploče, Metković and Opuzen grow incredibly delicious and sweet oranges and tangerines as well as other citrus fruit sorts.Olive oil is called liquid gold for a reason, knowing it’s endless benefits for health, beauty, and cooking. Dalmatia has a lot of olive groves, and it’s not rare that an average family owns an olive grove for personal purposes. But a lot of families produce their own olive oil, and Croatian oils have won numerous international awards for their quality.Zadar area is known or it’s specific sort of cherries called Maraska, and a first alcoholic beverage made from them called Maraschino- a favorite souvenir when in Zadar.Dalmatian cheese, prosciutto, and salt are world-known delicatessens in the gastronomic area.When a region is settled by the sea, one of its popular products are definitely are the fruits of the sea – fish, shells and other seafood. It’s well known how loaded seafood is with healthy ingredients and how many variations exist to prepare it.  That’s why Dalmatian restaurants hold top spots in gastro reviews and are included in many popular TV shows worldwide because of their quality and imagination when it comes to cooking seafood!
    (p.s. take a glance on this tour where you can experience how oysters are cultivated!)
  5. According to 2011. Population census, around 860 000 people live in Dalmatia, 90% of them native Croats.
  6. The biggest city in Dalmatia (often referred as the capital of Dalmatia) is Split.
  7. Dalmatian people are religious and devoted to religious practices such as going to church and attending mass as well as celebrating all important religious holidays. The region itself has a strong bond to Catholic church which is visible in the form of many beautiful churches across the seaside.
  8. The patron of Dalmatia is St. Jerome.
  9. The climate in Dalmatia is Mediterranean which means it is mild and warm through most of the year. Even the winters in Dalmatia are mild, and if it snows there, it’s so rare that it makes the TV news!
  10. Dalmatia has it’s own dialect – the Chakavian dialect!
Maslina Resort, Stari Grad, Hvar Island, Croatia, INTERIOR, photo by Nikola Radovanić

Balance yourself at Maslina Resort on Hvar island

It’s always something fascinating when presenting a new hotel. But when I get the tingling sensation all over my body, that’s the excitement of the true story. I read all bio interviews of the people who created the resort and today…
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Lauda Europe is opening a new base in Zadar

We are pleased to publish a Times of  Malta article According to reports, Malta-registered airline Lauda Europe, a subsidiary of the Ryanair Group, is opening a new base in Zadar, Croatia, in May. Two Airbus A320s will be operated from…
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Putniković, First Croatian Museum of Viticulture and Enology, Pelješac, Croatia, photo credit by TB of Ston

Peljesac wine museum

The new values ​​brought by tourism and traditional grapes and wine production created the idea of a Museum in the Cooperative House building in Putniković. Putniković, First Croatian Museum of Viticulture and Enology, Pelješac, Croatia, photo credit by TB of…
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Palace Elisabeth, HVar, Croatia, photo credit by suncanihvar.com

Hvar Heritage Hotel Palace Elisabeth

The exterior of Palace Elisabeth heritage hotel in Hvar, Croatia, photo credit by suncanihvar.com Hvar’s city is all about preserved history at its every corner, and it speaks for itself. Still, this story is about the first five-star hotel in…
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Hvar island, Croatia, photo by K2 & Croatian Attractions

The Pearls of Southern Dalmatia

Šipan, Elaphiti islands, Croatia, photo credit Croatian Attractions& K2   Dalmatia is magical. Besides the natural one signed by GM above us, its beauty is also the one that its exciting history has been creating for thousands of years…. From…
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Hvar- the island of Sun and Wine

An island that carries the title of the jet-set location but still holds this old Mediterranean soul – it can only be Hvar island. Settled in Middle Dalmatia and turned to the Sun (which makes it the island with the…
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Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

Leopards used to live in Dalmatia?

Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo by Ivan Vuković Vuka When you live in Croatia, and you create and sell private trips to Croatia – every day you think about what should be said for someone to decide to come to Croatia, then…
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SIDI BAR, West coast Split, Croatia, photo credit by Sidi Bar

Sidi Bar in Split tells the story of sport in Split

SIDI BAR, West coast Split, Croatia, photo credit by Sidi Bar Sidi bar is located on the West Coast of the sportiest city ​​in the world, Split. The beautiful view of the sea and the 1700-year-old Diocletian’s Palace leaves no…
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Trogir, Dalmatia, photo by Matko M. Švarc

Trogir- if the walls of a city could speak…

Not many cities hold the status of a museum-city, and Trogir is one of those few in the world. Settled very near Split, Trogir is a perfect getaway for those who want to experience something unique and magical. Constituted by…
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Pravdan Katić, photo by Djurdja Eterovic

Stories from Bol

Bol beach, Golden horn, Brač island, Croatia, Photo by Oliver (kvadratna) Sjöström on Unsplash   Would you like to find out more about organically grown products that you can eat in Bol on the island Brač or where to buy…
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Dalmatian is the Mediterranean lifestyle

  There has been a massive hype over the term „Mediterranean lifestyle“ and what does that mean. Although there is a notable number of countries that can geographically pass as the Mediterranean, the lifestyle itself implies a bit different picture.…
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In famous Roman palace in Split people still live!

  Diocletian Palace, Split, photo by Croatian-attractions Diocletian Palace is one of the monumental historical sightings not only of Split but of Croatian historical and architectural treasure in general. The built-in transition from 3rdto 4thcentury AD, it served as a…
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Hvar, Vineyards

Croatian Vineyards

Croatian attractions – Plešivica Vineyards of Croatia Croatia is considered one of the few elite countries in the world with the envious list of excellent wines. Here you can find around 100 native types of grapes. ILOK- WINESHOP Bornstein vinery…
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Ultra Beach Hvar, Croatia

The most wanted island in Croatia – Hvar

Hvar, photo credit by TB of Hvar town   Hvar is a place with a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild and short winters and long and hot summers. The wind cools hot days and makes your summer evenings more enjoyable.…
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Stari Grad, header,photo credit by TB of Stari Grad

Stari Grad on Hvar island

Did you know that the second oldest town in Croatia ( the oldest town is Vis – Issa) celebrates its 2404th birthday this year? Stari Grad on Hvar Island With its symbolic name, Stari Grad (literally meaning “Old Town”) is…
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Hvar – the sunniest island in Croatia

We don’t want to bother you with the historical facts because Hvar has a rich and long history and if you are a history lover and you have decided to spend your vacation on this beautiful island there is a…
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Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

Tiramol is not just a rope. Tiramol means Dalmatia

These two parallel ropes connected by small pulleys between two houses where the clothes are dried can also be seen in Italy, Portugal, Spain…it is interesting to tourists and their cameras. Even today, the old town of Split uses Tiramol,…
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Posh Hotel, Split, photo credit by Hotel Posh

Feel POSH in Split!

Hotel Posh in Split, photo credit by Hotel Posh   Split become more popular for more tourist every year.  So in the last few years Split got some great small luxury hotels and we proudly present one of the newest-…
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SMILE, you are at Residence Stine

S             – Sun and Sea Residence Stine is located in the very heart of Split in the city district called Varoš. This historical part of the city from the late 17th century, just next to the Diocletian’s Palace, offers a…
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Photo by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash

Nautical connectivity in Croatia

It’s good to know as many information as possible when going abroad, especially in the case of transport. You all know the importance of the metro, tram, train and plane connectivity inside any country – it is just necessary knowledge!…
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Laura Protat, helicopter captain photo by Laura Protat

Helicopter captain or Laura c’e Croatia Amore

Flying over King’s Landing/Dubrovnik or Korčula island, or Hvar is definitely a highlight of your holidays in Croatia. But if you fly with the most beautiful pilot you ever have seen..oh, that’s much more then you ever expected. So, treat…
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Ston, by Archives of Tourist Board of Ston

Go back in time in Ston

Ston, by Archives of Tourist Board of Ston The time machine of Stone Ston and Pelješac Island are famous for wine, sea salt, oysters and Ston cake, but there is so much more to discover about this town. Two very…
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Adriatic sea, Croatia Sailing with Croatian Attractions photo by Croatian Attractions

Cheap holiday or fine holiday in Croatia

Stiniva Bay   A Cheap holiday or a fine holiday in Croatia? As someone who is daily participating in creating and selling tourist programme in Croatia, I sometimes feel very frustrated. That’s my right. As everyone who claims that Croatia is expensive.…
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Adriatic sea, Croatia, photo credit by Balkan Yacht Adventure

Balkan Yacht Adventure

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash     I spoke with Filip Jakovac, a young entrepreneur who gave up his law profession and started a series of unique and adventurous touristic tours with Balkan theme. We had a great time…
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Sailing-Blue-lagoon, Dalmatia, Croatia photo by Croatian-attractions

What attracts tourists in Croatia?

You may not believe it, but according to the research of the most googled search terms by tourists traveling to Croatia… What attracts tourists in Croatia? Croatian traditional cuisine is in the top five most frequently searched terms! Actually, we…
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Lastovo By-August-Dominus-CC-BY-SA-3.0-https-creativecommons.orglicensesby-sa3.0-from-Wikimedia-Commons-3.jpg

Lastovo – the quiet spirit of South Adriatic

The island of Lastovo has been permanently inhabited for several thousand years. The first famous inhabitants were Illyrians, and in ancient times, they were first colonized by the Greeks, who called him Ladesta, and then by the Romans. In the…
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Suite, Luxe Hotel Split, Croatia photo credit by Luxe Hotel

Glittering Hotel Luxe Split

Dalmatia and its cities made of stone seem to attract more and more people who are hungry for something authentic, something different, something more…..intimate. If walls of all the ancient buildings (some of them still inhabited!) could speak, that would…
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Šolta island, Croatia photo credit by Croatian-Attractions

Šolta – a mini heaven island!

There are several islands surrounding Split that most of you have heard before or maybe even visited! By those islands, we mostly mean by Hvar and Brač island. Either if we’re talking about the jet-set coming there for vacation or…
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Vrsar, Croatia photo credit by Maistra

Sailing in Croatia is MUST!

Are you a fan of sailing? Croatia is an ideal destination! Beautiful natural beaches, various bays, small fishing villages, National parks, and a wealth of islands and islets make our country truly special! The best time for the sailing season…
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Dubrovnik Croatia, photo credit by Croatian Attractions

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

During summer, various events take place in some of the most prominent cities of the Adriatic coast, and Dubrovnik hosts a cult event for over than 50 years- Dubrovnik Summer Festival or “Dubrovačke ljetne Igre” in traditional Dubrovnik dialect. It…
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Monte Mulini Hotel, Rovinj, Croatia photo credit by Croatian-Attractions

Croatia on Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas

This year, the Croatian National Tourist Board presented itself at the Virtuoso Travel Week, the most significant tourist event on the American continent, which is held for the thirtieth time from 11th to 17th August in Las Vegas. They presented…
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Naomi-C.-u-Dubrovniku-photo-by-Marko-Lukunić PIXELL

Naomi Campbell spotted in Dubrovnik

  Celebrities exploring and enjoying Croatia is nothing new, from Hollywood stars to jet-setters from all around. And one of the world’s most famous supermodel, Naomi Campbell was recently spotted on a luxury yacht in Dubrovnik. Naomi seems to be…
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Brač Regatta and ULTRA Beach

One of the leading world destination festivals went on a journey through Croatian islands. ULTRA Beach in its 6th issue  has visited some of the hippest places on the Adriatic coast such as 585Club on Brač island, cascade pools in…
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Main city gate, Korčula, Croatia, photo by www.croatia2go

The importance of Korčula, also known as Korkyra

Main city gate, Korčula, Croatia, photo by www.croatia2go The Korčula island was under the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Slavic rule but Greeks had the most significant influence on the culture. Lumbarda psephism, a fragment of the Greek inscription (4/3 BC),…
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Korčula, Croatia, photo by K2 & Croatian Attractions

Korčula or Korkyra – the birth place of Marco Polo

Main city gate, Korčula, Croatia, photo by www.croatia2go     Badija island near Korčula, Croatia, photo by K2 & Croatian Attractions Finds from the ancient Stone Age in the Vela Spila, considered one of the most significant archaeological sites in…
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Hotel Pagus, Pag, Croatia photo by ATR

Pag town on island Pag

The most common thing that crosses your mind when we mention the fifth largest island in Croatia – Island of Pag – is attractive nightlife on the famous pebble Zrće beach which is often called the Croatian Ibiza. CA-Papaya_club_@_Zrche_beach_day-By-Metaxa754-CC-BY-SA-3.0-960×640.jpg The…
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The sound of the sea – The Sea Organ by Nikola Bašić

The distinguished Croatian architect of the world’s recognized reputation Nikola Bašić is the author of a unique architectural achievement – The Sea Organ.   The exceptional value of his projects is manifested by numerous awards and recognition, and the Sea Organ…
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Salutation to the Sun

Nikola Bašić famous Croatian Architect   Salutation to the sun or Monument to the Sun or The Greeting to the Sun is an installation in Zadar, a work of a famous architect Nikola Bašić. It is located in Zadar harbor, on…
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