Dalmatian is the Mediterranean lifestyle


There has been a massive hype over the term „Mediterranean lifestyle“ and what does that mean. Although there is a notable number of countries that can geographically pass as the Mediterranean, the lifestyle itself implies a bit different picture.  The term was familiar in many nations during the Greek colonization era and the period of the Roman Empire, all dating far in the past.

Since then, it was quite clear how the Mediterranean lifestyle should look like. Besides Italians, Spaniards, and Greeks as probably the most famous nations that truly live by the Mediterranean rules, you can quickly add Croatians to this list.

Not only that Croatia is a Mediterranean country because of its location, history, and art. The people from Croatia can teach you a few simple rules on how to maintain that lifestyle everyone has been talking about. The first and most important thing to engage in the whole lifestyle is, without any doubt, a relaxed mentality!


Mediterranean people appreciate small things in life such as family meals and spending fun time with friends. You will rarely experience walking through one of the cities on the Dalmatian coast and see locals stressing out. Life always has a key to all problems and being worried doesn’t help you at all. The second thing is the love and appreciation for the sea and everything related to it.



The True Mediterranean knows that just a simple swim or walking by the coast will do wonders for your health, inside and out. The sea provides so many benefits for an individual that even doctors would strongly agree to spend some time near the sea to get a full reset of body and mind.


Stari Grad, photo credit by TB of Stari GradThird, a healthy Mediterranean diet is essential in living the lifestyle. Olive oil, freshly caught fish, pasta, cheese, loads of vegetables and fruits picked from your garden are key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. It’s all about moderation. Mediterranean people never restrict themselves from any ingredients but combine them all in a healthy, own moderate, and tasty way. In case you want to master the art of this very cuisine, take a look at this great application and make little Mediterranean heaven back home! Last, but not the least, a glass of excellent wine is what keeps the Mediterranean relaxed, joyful, and healthy. It’s no secret that Croatia, along with several other Mediterranean countries, holds top positions on the world wine map.

Hvar, Vineyards


As same for food, in moderation, the wine from these areas makes wonders for you. But don’t take our word, book this fantastic wine tasting tour from one of Croatia’s most exclusive vineyards and experience it yourself here. Once you get into the Mediterranean lifestyle, you’ll have no need to get anywhere back Croatian Attractions The highlights of your holiday

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