Dalmatian marenda is in the air

If you’re super excited about spotting the sea from a window and can’t wait to get there, you’ll soon find out that there is another surprise awaiting you!

Thanks to the collaboration with the Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County, the Tourist Board of Split, and the Croatian National Tourist Board, Croatia Airlines passengers will enjoy the flavors of delicious Dalmatian cuisine already on the plane.

Enjoy the flavors of Dalmatia in Croatia Airlines aircraft!

Dalmatian marenda is authentic Croatian seaside cuisine, and every visitor to Croatia knows that Dalmatia has a long tradition of delicious dishes.

The flavors of Dalmatia are not just flavors – they’re stories told for millennia, engraved on every piece of stone and every pebble, and immersed in the depths of the sea. These stories are the fruits of the labor of our hard-working farmers. The flavors of central Dalmatia are the fruits of our tradition, community spirit, passion, and a special kind of hedonism your taste buds will experience while you’re still in the sky.

Please close your eyes, and let’s take off. This time, we’re headed for a real rhapsody of flavors. Regardless of when your flight is, imagine that it’s 11 o’clock, and you’re on the seafront having a Dalmatian marenda

Dalmatinska marenda & Crotia airlines
Dalmatinska marenda & Crotia airlines

What exactly is Dalmatian marenda?

Dalmatian marenda is not breakfast, it’s not brunch, or lunch, and it isn’t dinner. Dalmatian marenda celebrates food and life between 11 am and 1 pm. Dalmatian marenda is warm and inimitable and sometimes even a surprise. It’s best when shared with family and friends, but it will warm your heart even if you have it all alone.

Dalmatinska marenda & Crotia airlines
Dalmatinska marenda & Crotia airlines

While you imagine your arriving at the heart of the Adriatic, a real show is taking place on your plate starring monkfish in a one-pot stew called gregada, cuttlefish performing with broad beans, codfish and, everyone’s favorite – Dalmatian braised beef called pašticada, whose slow-cooked, tenderized beef will melt in your mouth even if its fragrant sauce may indeed differ from town to town in Dalmatia. Nothing can replace a plate of warm goulash into which you can dip some fabulous homemade bread.

dalmatian coastn pasticada stew
dalmatian coastn pasticada stew

The smell of the stuffed peppers will remind you of long summer days. Dalmatian tomato sauce called šalša, prosciutto, barbecued sardines, fish brudet with polenta, a fragrant, slow-cooked stew made of different types of fish – are all an absolute must!

It can’t be more STAYlicious

Octopus under the bell, familiar as peka, and traditional arambašići, grapevine, or cabbage leaves stuffed with finely chopped beef are recognizable dishes with irresistible flavors.

While arambašići are celebrated as part of our intangible cultural heritage and enjoy state-level protection, the Cetina River basin takes great pride in its Swiss-chard-filled savory pie or soparnik while maintaining UNESCO’s protection.

Soparnik Croatia photo credit Marijan Malenica
Soparnik Croatia photo credit Marijan Malenica

Regardless of your choice of Dalmatian marenda, enjoy your dish with some fabulous bread, season it with a few drops of our olive oil, and have it with a glass of wine made from varieties of grapes native to Dalmatia. Dalmatian marenda is healthy, so you don’t have to worry about calorie intake.

These unforgettable dishes will give you energy as you soon arrive at the heart of the Adriatic – central Dalmatia, welcoming you bathed in brilliant sunshine, surrounded by stories, slow, defiant, smiling, and dynamic all at the same time.

Welcome on board!

 It’s STAYlicious!

Staylicious 2023.

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