Daruvar Spa- a secret kept for centuries

Croatia truly is a spring of nature giving its best to improve our health. There have been places throughout the whole country that had their medicinal purposes, and Daruvar Spa (Daruvarske Toplice in Croatian) is rightfully one of the top places of that kind.
Located in the western part of the beautiful region of Slavonia, Daruvar was a synonym for relaxation and health since the 2nd-centurya.d. When Pannonian-Celtic tribes started to use its healing springs of water and at that time Romans discovered how many benefits the natural sources in Daruvar give.
How vital was Daruvar during the Roman Empire? Well, important enough for Roman emperors such as Hadrian, Commodus, and Constantine the Great!

So, what is the secret of Daruvar Spa?

Romans named them Aquae Balissae, which in Latin meant „ strong springs.“ In this area lie a few springs of thermal water rich in calcium and magnesium as well as natural sources of mineral mud that are also extremely beneficial for health, specifically for skin, arthritis, and infertility.

And fertility is one of the leading branches of this spa. It’s no secret that many couples have conceived their children after the treatments in Daruvar Spa and its Rehabilitation hospital.
The natural sources heal all kinds of gynecological problems as well as rheumatic issues and sports injuries.

The Spa has a beautiful big park surrounding it, and a special touch to the park is the statue named „The Bather“ by the famous Croatian sculptor Antun Augustinčić. The statue of a thoughtful woman is there as a symbol of fertility.

Even to this day, not many people know of the benefits of Daruvar Spa, but trust us, centuries of healthy users are more than solid proof!

But let us give you the big one…Ginkgo biloba tree, the oldest in Croatia, from 1780.


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