Digital Nomads in Croatia

Digital nomads. Probably one of the most positive stories happening this 2020. COVID year.
During the pandemic, more people than ever started working from home. They have been forced to.

If you ask me, I would always vote for this type of working environment. Not everyone thinks the same. It’s ok if you live in a big apartment to accommodate small kids or, even better, online school ‘in the house.’ If not, Houston, we might have a big problem.

During the spring lockdown in Croatia, whoever can move into their summer house, did. People suddenly realized that living in a smaller city or even in the country might motivate remote work. Actually – it can be immense pleasure.
That was the motivation for some families and some governments to take advantage of remote workers and launch ‘digital nomad’ type visas.

Jan de Jong Family, family archives
Jan de Jong Family, family archives

I have heard of Bermuda, Barbados (attractive), Estonia (well), Portugal (lovely), and some others.
And – Croatia. One of the most beautiful countries in this pandemic still stands very well if we compare the number of infected people.
Croatia is a small, beautiful, safe, and close to any vital part of Europe, three hours drive to Venice (from Zagreb), 4 hours drive to Vienna and Budapest, two hours or less to Ljubljana.

Jan de Jong, Investor, Entrepreneur
Jan de Jong, Investor, Entrepreneur

The cost of living in Croatia comes first when you compare Western Europe costs for rental apartments, restaurants, and more. Also, when you are a young family with small kids, you’ll find out very soon that in Croatia, your kids can play outside in front of your house, and you’ll love it.
You’ll know many of your neighbors by names soon, and you’ll eat some of the freshest and healthiest food in the world.
Do you need more reasons?

Jan de Jong is the leading man in the initiative, and he knows all about it.

When did you come to live and work in Croatia?

Jan de Jong: I moved from the Netherlands to Croatia in the year 2006.

What do you do?
Jan de Jong: When I arrived in Croatia, I founded the company M+ Group. Today, M+ Group employs over 6.500 people, has a listing on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, and is the largest contact center service provider in the region. I sold my shares in 2016, at that moment employing over 400 people.

Has Croatia launched a digital-nomad visa?
Not yet, but we are working on it. Several laws will need to be changed. It’s an intense process, but step by step, we are getting closer.

How does it go? For now?
I am meeting with several ministries, including the Ministry of Interior, Finance, Labor, Health, and Tourism. Good luck to all, special thanks to you Jan de Jong for helping us, helping Croatia with this very important initiative.

Find more info about Jan de Jong on

#LivingTheCroatianDream  #webpower

Living The Croatian Dream, Jan de Jong
Living The Croatian Dream, Jan de Jong

Meeting with PM, photo credit by Jan de Jong
Meeting with Croatia PM Andrej Plenković, photo credit by Jan de Jong

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