Croatian attractions Split Diocletian palace 3 1024x585
Croatian attractions Split Diocletian palace 3 1024×585

Diocletian’s palace is surely the most famous ancient attraction in Split because you can find some of the best Roman architectural remains in this area. It was named after a Roman emperor Diocletian who also built it between the late 3rd and the early 4th centuries A.D., making it a monument of Roman architecture. You will probably expect the large palace, but these are its ruins consisting of many streets offering you a lot of places to rest from the summer heat, like a wide selection of restaurants with domestic and international food and cafes and bars. Cathedral of Saint Domnius is a part of Diocletian’s Palace, built in the Middle Ages. Cathedral is a mixture of ancient and baroque architectural styles. You should visit the Bell Tower, whose construction lasted for three centuries because it allows you to experience a great view that you won’t regret!

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Diocletian Palace, Split



Split, Diocletian Palace

Croatian attractions Split Diocletian palace 4
Croatian attractions Split Diocletian palace 

Croatian attractions Split Diocletian palace 5 e1610799457346
Croatian attractions Split Diocletian palace 5 e1610799457346

Diocletians Palace Split 4 560x460
Diocletians Palace Split 4 560×460

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