Donuts are usually associated with a carnival. It is believed that this became custom because the ingredients of the donut were once luxurious and for this reason, they were only prepared once a year. Although in Croatia people often link donuts to the continental part of Croatia, the truth is, even the coast has amazing versions of donuts of their own, such as those from Primošten, a cute little town in mid-Dalmatia.. We bring you a homemade recipe for this delicacy that will delight your family!


6 yogurts,1 kg smooth flour,3 egg yolk, lemon zest, orange zest,2 packs of baking powder,4 packs of vanillin sugar, rum


Whisk in all ingredients, add baking powder. Grab the dough with hand and form a fist. The dough amount squeeze out of the fist (size of a walnut), scoop with a spoon and fry in sizzling oil. Fry until gold. Sprinkle with sugar while hot.

Practical tip:

Optional: add raisins in the donut center.

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