“Krafne” – favorite carnival donuts

In traditional Croatian calendar, February is reserved for carnival in a style of Mardi Gras where children and grown-ups dress up in colorful costumes and therefore have their parades in all Croatian cities. The cold weather at the beginning of the year doesn’t scare away the cheerful costume party because one of the reasons is the traditional donuts (called “krafne”) that are served and sold anywhere where the spirit of the carnival passes by.
It’s bready texture and fruity fillings have cheered faces of a great number of kids for generations, and the best thing is- it’s so easy to prepare! Therefore, get to the kitchen and give it a chance:



4 yolk,3 dl sugar,¼ l milk,1 tablespoon rum,½ lemon juice,5 tablespoon oil,2 dkg baker’s yeast,60 dkg hard flour, jam, frying oil, powdered sugar


Whisk in yolk and sugar, add some milk, rum, salt, lemon juice, crumbled yeast, oil and whisk again. Leave the mixture to sit for about 20 minutes in a warm place. Trinkle in warm flour with constant stirring as to achieve smooth dough texture. Roll out the dough about ½ cm thick and cut circles with a glass. Smear the circle edges with egg white, add jam in the middle and seal with another layer on top of it. Trim the edges with a smaller glass. The circles will nicely stick together. Leave donuts to rise, covered in a warm place for about 20 minutes. In sizzling oil fry donuts with top side face down. Fry on medium heat lid-on, then turn face up and fry lid-off. Ready donuts sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve freshly cooled.

Practical tip:

In continental Croatia, donuts are a traditional treat for Carnival, while in southern parts they are replaced with local variations, kroštula and fritula.

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