Driving VW Beetles around Hvar and Split

The 1970s still are the most stylish decades of all time. 

It started with ‘some revolutionary’ ideas, unacceptable by then, but today’s kids are laughing out loud about it…Still, there is something very appealing even today, which may attract new followers more than ever. 

It’s not music – today, it’s electric cars, sustainable energy supply, but always it’s flares and bell sleeves, miniskirts, and all this eclectic mix of style influences. 

Beetle tour, Hvar, Croatia, photo credit by Croatian Attractions
Beetle tour, Hvar, Croatia, photo credit by Croatian Attractions

Then – skirts got shorter, boots got taller, and a range of style icons like Jane Birkin helped spearhead some of the most memorable fashion moments of that time while the piece sigh was everywhere. 

Today – we drive Tesla’s and Mercedes hybrids and listen to old music hits processed in some modern way.

What goes around – comes around! 

The atmosphere of freedom while driving the convertible Beetle around the Adriatic coast or islands – it’s the best you can get this summer to be modern and old-fashioned at the same time. Summer spirit of 70′ is the best way to describe these two unique tours we are about to present to you. 

Staylicious – by all means 🙂 

Now, when the 60′ and 70′ fashion is the IT style again. Go for it!

You can choose between Split and its surroundings and Hvar island.

Or both!

The 1970s were one of the most stylish decades. 

It’s time for a flashback with hats and headbands. You take care of your look, and we will have the car, VW convertible Beetle.

Oh! What experience!

With perfectly preserved VW Beetle convertibles, explore beautiful landscapes, epic panoramas, picturesque old villages, ride along most scenic roads, destinations, and cultural attractions, visit the best places for wine tasting on Hvar island.

The tour goes along the old road connecting Hvar and Stari Grad, the oldest settlements on our coast, founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC and named Pharos. 

Hvar island, Croatia, photo by K2 & Croatian Attractions
Hvar island, Croatia, photo by K2 & Croatian Attractions

After Stari Grad, we continue to the small town of Vrboska to visit the church of St.Lawrence with one of the finest collections of Renaissance art on the island. 

Driving by the sea, the tour continues to Jelsa, a charming little town on the island’s northern part founded in the 14th century. 

Beetles from Split

It’s possible to have a Beetle tour from Split. It’s a different but still fantastic experience.

Beetles from Split will take you to a medieval fortress Klis. Klis became a royal castle that was the seat of many Croatian wars in Europe, 

Klis was famous city in Croatian history, where for over 300 years, the Ottoman siege of the town in 1715.  

ST STEPHEN'S CHURCH, photo credit by the TB of Stari Grad
ST STEPHEN’S CHURCH, photo credit by the TB of Stari Grad

While driving Beetle – the highlight of this staylicious excursion – guests take some of the most exciting photos to burn Instagram and always have a memory of this unforgettable excursion.

Let us know about the STAYlicious excursion on Hvar island! 

Please find out more about the availability and the prices with our partner Croatian Attractions

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