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Everybody wants to see Dubrovnik, and there are many reasons and all of them are good. Here we have some more …just to extend your curiosity…You can get much more with the guiding tour…Do it

When all of the Croatian provinces fell under Austrian, Venetian, and Turkish authorities, still, a small part remained free – the Republic of Dubrovnik.

Croatian Attractions-Dubrovnik

The city of St. Vlaho (St.Blaise, patron Saint of Dubrovnik) was surrounded by thick and strong ramparts that exist to this day. And in the city there truly was life; Dubrovnik’s bankers, merchants, diplomats, and goldsmiths were famous throughout the world at the time.
But here we will not talk about the history of the Dubrovnik Republic because it would take more than a humble article. Here you’ll find out 15 interesting facts about some things and people from that glorious time and city that are little or no known.

Dubrovnik Rectors Palace


Dubrovnik was one of the most developed states of its time and was far ahead of its time.

The oldest sewerage system in the world, which is still in use, is the sewerage system in the city itself. Thus, while residents of London and Paris vacated their night owls until the early 19th century by simply throwing the contents out of the window, the old Dubrovnik’s inhabitants could walk the street without fear of being doused by urine or something worse!

Dubrovnik-St.Blaise, patron Saint of Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik had a well-kept communal and fire service since 1272. And it also had laws that prescribed exactly what to do and what can not be done with fire, as well as prescriptions in case of fire.

In 1317 the first pharmacy was opened in Dubrovnik. The most interesting thing in all this is that this pharmacy still exists today, for exactly 700 years. For comparison, some states and nations are not even nearly 700 years old.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo by Ivan Vuković Vuka
Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo by Ivan Vuković Vuka


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