Dubrovnik had the first quarantine

Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo by Ivan Vuković Vuka

Among many things you might not know about Dubrovnik maybe you’ll find some right here….

Dubrovnik had the first quarantine. There have been no major infections in the city and its surroundings.

The Dubrovnik people never deliberated during the southern wind. They held that during the southern winds blowing, a man can not bring a fair court to even himself, moreover about the others!

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Photo by Blagoja Koleski on Unsplash


When you go to Croatia, Dubrovnik must be on your bucket list!

Dubrovnik had the most developed and widespread spy network in the world of that time. The reason was, as they traded in all directions, and at the same time we’re surrounded by contemporary trading forces, they had to know everything. And if the spies found out that someone plans to attack the Republic, then a secret weapon would come into the scene – invaluable diplomacy.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo by Jonathan Smith.Unsplash


The Republic of Dubrovnik was the first state in Europe and among the first in the world to abolish slavery by a decree signed on January 27, 1416. By comparison, England did so in 1569, the United States in 1865, and Brazil didn’t abolish the shameful trafficking of human beings until 1888! The Dubrovnik Navy was the fourth force of Europe at that time; Spain, Turkey, England, and then Dubrovnik. Powerful France and Italy were, in today’s words, the second league.

Likewise, the Dubrovnik people were among the first to open their trade outlets in the New World, America.

And while speaking of America, the Republic of Dubrovnik was the first country in the world to recognize the United States as a sovereign and independent state. The Dubrovnik Embassy in Paris awarded the act of confession to Thomas Jefferson himself.

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