Edward Norton and Ula Pontikos at the third Ponta Lopud Festival

Dubrovnik’s archipelago of paradise islands known as the Elaphites will be the home of The 3rd Ponta Lopud Film Festival.

Ponta Lopud is a creative hub where film professionals gain new experiences and create long-term professional and friendly relationships.

In the inspiring environment of peace and unique beauty of the island of Lopud, along with local cuisine, they can have conversations about film, visual art, and the art of living on the beautiful island.

8 projekcija u tvrdjavi 1 Veronica Arevalo
8 projekcija u tvrdjavi 1 Veronica Arevalo

3rd Ponta Lopud Festival

At the upcoming Ponta Lopud Festival from June 20 to 24, eight actresses and actors, who have previously had notable roles in several film productions, will attend lectures and workshops for regional professionals in the “Acting” category. The young film artists’ names have been revealed. 

We are excited to let you know who will share their diverse professional and personal experiences with the participants and help them advance their knowledge and hone their professional skills. 

In addition to the previously announced director Ruben Östlund, this year’s masters will include Edward Norton, one of the most celebrated actors today, and Ula Pontikos, a multiple award-winning directors of photography.

Edward Norton, photo credit by Ponta Film Festival
Edward Norton, photo credit by Ponta Film Festival

Masterclass with Edward Norton

Edward Norton is one of the most respected actors of his generation. He has starred in over 50 films, produced 13, written 5, and directed 2. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards (for Primal Fear, American History X & Birdman), 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2 BAFTAs, and 2 Golden Globes. He has won a Golden Globe, an Emmy, an Obie, and many other awards for his performances and productions. His leading masterclass will be attended by all participants of the Ponta Lopud Festival, whereas in the subsequent days, he will be working only with participants in the “Acting” category.

According to filmmaker and historian Ken Burns, his most recent film, Motherless Brooklyn, which he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in, is, ‘no less than a modern masterpiece.’ 

As part of the Ponta Lopud Festival, professional programs exclusively for female cinematographers will be held for the second year. The contribution to gender equality in the film industry is integral to the Ponta Lopud Festival philosophy. 

Ula Pontikos, photo by Stefan Lange, photo credit by Ponta Film Festival
Ula Pontikos, photo by Stefan Lange, photo credit by Ponta Film Festival

Masterclass with Ula Pontikos focusing on female cinematographers

Therefore, in cooperation with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and regional film centers from Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, theoretical and practical work will be organized with one of the globally renowned DOPs. Three participants will be honing their skills with Ula Pontikos, a member of the British Society of Cinematographers and the Executives Branch of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences, in professional programs for female cinematographers. Just like Edward Norton, Ula Pontikos will include participants from all three categories in her leading masterclass, focusing only on female cinematographers through theoretical and practical work.

Ula Pontikos graduated from the prestigious National Film and Television School (NFTS) in London, which awarded her the annual Sue Gibson BSC award in 2022 for her work on Russian Doll. Her work in the last season brought her nominations for an Emmy and an ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) Award. 

For more details, check out the official website of the Festival:  www.pontalopud.hr

7 projekcija na plazi Veronica Arevalo
7 projekcija na plazi Veronica Arevalo

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