Famous Croatians

We pointed out some of the most prominent influential Croatian women and men.
Those people ‘created’ what we call Croatia today.

Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan in Lika and is undoubtedly one of Croatia’s most famous people. Famous Marco Polo was born in Korcula. Luka Modrić, one of the best football payers in the world is from Zadar, Dražen Petrović from Šibenik. Vlaho Bukovac, a fantastic impressionist, a painter of the nation, from Dubrovnik and surroundings, Zagreb’s Slavoljub Penkala, without whom the world would be less ‘literate’ because he invented the ballpoint pen. The torpedo was invented in Rijeka by Ivan Lupis Vukić. Croatian ‘fingerprints’ are in every police investigation in the world! We can thank Ivan Juan Vučetić from the island of Hvar, the father of dactyloscopy, who invented taking a fingerprint in an inquiry. The talented Ivana Brlić Mažuranić wrote Šegrt Hlapić and many other beautiful fairy tales that mothers and grandmothers read to their children at bedtime. God took away hearing from the fantastic noblewoman Slava Raškaj, but he repaid her with her incredible painting talent. Today, she is deservedly considered one of the best impressionists in Europe. Opera’s diva Milka Trnina thrilled the one producer of the chocolate with her fantastic voice to name the most famous chocolate after her, Milka. We must not forget either Zlata Bartl – the mother of almighty Vegeta!


Mata CROata’s sculpture awarded in Paris

Mata CROata’s sculpture was exhibited at the Vernissage (VIP opening). Among several hundred attendees and a thousand artists, Mate’s work was selected as an exceptional work by the ADAGP jury, and Mata Turić was presented with an award for originality.…
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Wind sails Mate Turić CRoatia photo credit Mate Turić archives

Mata Croata with a little help of his friends

Dear friends, On behalf of the award-winning internationally recognized sculptor Mata Turić, better known under the alias – Mata Croata (protege of croatia2go); we need your help…because the good deed is the best investment in the future! In the last two…
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IMG 20200914 173204

A Return to Life by Mate Turić

We are very proud of croatia2go.com protégé, the young Croatian sculptor Mate Turić, Mata Croata, and his participation in this year’s Paris Salon. The name of his art is symbolic and so contemporary.  A Return to Life by Mate Turić, the…
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Tesla mind ftom the future 4

Franjo Hanaman – the father of lightbulbs

Mr. Franjo Hanaman You’ve all heard of Nikola Tesla, a Croatian-born scientist and inventor that changed the course of the modern world. In the era of big scientifical inventions, many Croats who were studying abroad and showed their capabilities to…
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IMG 6960

Penkala – we have it every day in our hand to write

Penkala set made by Slavoljub Penkala, Zagreb, Croatia, photo by croatia2go, at Croatia to the World exhibition Eduard Slavoljub Penkala is one of the essential inventors from the beginning of the 20th century was born on April 20, 1871, in…
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Wind sails Mate Turić CRoatia photo credit Mate Turić archives

Mate Turić will exhibit at the famous Paris Salon

Stone sailboat by Mate Turić-Mata CROata, Croatia, photo credit by archives of Mate Turić     Mate Turić, also known as Mata CROata – will be exhibiting at the famous Paris Salon this autumn.   Inspired by Croatian chessboard of…
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Screenshot 2020 04 04 at 18.41.05 1

Matt Collins is Karlo Metikoš

photo by Marjan Ciglič https::upload.wikimedia.org:wikipedia:commons:9:9f:Matt_Collins_oz._Zagreban_Karlo_Metiko_v_ljubljanski_Hali_Tivoli_1966_1.jpgivoli_1966_1    Karlo Metikoš or Matt Collins as he was called in the western market was a Croatian musician. He was born in 1940, and his love for music has been present in the family since his…
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Samo jednom se ljubi

Ivo Robić – “Croatian Sinatra”

Ivo-Robić.jpg       He was the pioneer of popular Yugoslav music in the early 1950s, modeled after great international singers such as Frank Sinatra, which is why he was called “our Sinatra” and the first to make a great…
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