The Famous lover Casanova loved Istria and Vrsar

You must have heard of the famous seducer Giacomo Casanova to whom no woman in 18th century Europe could resist. Well, some Istrian woman had a privilege to meet him in person. 🙂

Casanova, Vrsar, photo by Manuel Paljuh


Giacomo Girolamo Casanova Chevalier De Seingalt was an Italian adventurer, priest, musician, soldier, spy, diplomat, and writer who was often in the spotlight because of his relationship with women. Women could not resist his charm, and the rumor says that he had slept with 132 women in his life.
What is the connection between the world’s most famous seducer Casanova and the beautiful tourist town of Vrsar in Istria?

Vrsar, photo credit by Maistra


Vrsar is a small tourist and fishing village located on the western coast of Istria, at the mouth of the Lim Bay, between Poreč and Rovinj.
Named after the ancient Mediterranean word “ur “, which represents the source, the former resting place and refreshment for ancient sailors is today indeed a source of beauty and pleasure.

In the 18th century, the Italian adventurer and writer Giacomo Casanova visited Vrsar on two occasions (1743 and 1744), which he mentioned in his famous memoirs.

Casanova tour, actors, photo credit by Vrsar Tourist Board


Casanova tour Vrsar, photo by Manuel Paljuh

The famous lover allegedly visited Vrsar and its surroundings, and his adventures became the motif of the fair of love and erotica. He stayed in Vrsar, a small town that made Istria fifty years ago among the first, but also the largest naturist centers in Europe. The naturism has a long tradition in Vrsar and its surroundings, from Lantern and Funtana to Valalta. The connection between Casanova’s famous charm and love success is not directly linked to naturism, but the link in the form of Casanova’s name is welcome, and just because Casanova’s summer festival of love and erotica, is extremely attended. Locals are pleased to such an extent, and they could declare it traditional.

Casanova tour, photo credit by Vrsar tourist Board

The fact that stone from Vrsar was used in the construction of Venetian palaces, bridges, and churches proves that Casanova was not the only Italian who enjoyed the charms of the beautiful town.

Vrsar is a small town full of legends and undiscovered sights, and if you are a history lover or just looking for a place to enjoy a peaceful holiday, then this is the right place for you.

Casanova tour, Vrsar, credit by Vrsar Tourist Board

Casanova tour, photo credit by Vrsar tourist Board


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