Few things you may experience when moving back to Croatia

Many members of the diaspora in some point of their life decide to return where their roots are calling….back home. Living in Croatia is just calmer and slower than in most of the countries where our diaspora resides, such as the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.

Many of diaspora Croats decided to return home in their retirement (thinking about spending your retirement in Croatia? Look up here and find out more!) and never looked back because the Croatian lifestyle is just perfect for those who seek stress-free everyday life.
But what could happen while returning to Croatia that you didn’t maybe expect? Let’s name a few things that occur quite often, as told by some people from the diaspora who made Croatia their new permanent home.
The first thing that you may encounter is all the questions like „ Are you crazy? But why?“

Croatia might not be on top lists of countries with high economic status and wealth that could compare to Germany or US, definitely, but hey, it’s not even near anything bad, and we all know how those situations are always temporary due to some bigger economic picture.
The slower and more relaxed life as well as so many natural wonders whenever you go, plus, the feeling of being secure whenever and wherever you go- now that is what counts. If you ask us, we would definitely choose this lifestyle over some claustrophobic office and overcrowded subways, etc.

Another thing you may encounter is the raising eyebrows and questions from your fellow Croatian friends and neighbors. The truth is, most Croatians have no idea how well they live in their country until they move out somewhere abroad and see themselves that Croatia indeed offers you much healthier and simpler life. The crew of this page all had a chance to experience life, and we can all say that this is actual fact.

The truth when moving back to Croatia is also that you may feel a bit melancholic for your family and friends again in the country you left, as well as getting adjusted to your new lifestyle. Speaking a new language, learning new streets, meeting new people, learning new customs…. it all takes a toll once in a while in our body and mind, but that is also only temporary. Moving to Croatia is not solely an improvement. You will find yourself comparing your previous lifestyle with the new one, but don’t let yourself too deep into this hollow of thoughts. Give your new life some time and chances and believe us, it’ll be worth it!

In the end, remind yourself, although you’ll go back to your roots and your homeland, you’ll be a newly arrived immigrant. Your presence will catch the attention of many people in your vicinity but in a right way. Just have some patience, and good things will come sooner than you think!

'Romantic' is the middle name for this amazing gastro adventure!…
4-6 hours, depends on the driving time

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