Fireplace in the middle of the street – The city center of Zagreb

People in Zagreb, as in the rest of the country like to have a coffee. There is nothing about the coffee and it’s all about to see and to be seen. Coffee’s just a term. We all go for a coffee, many times in a day. Some people just have coffee all day. 🙂 But, if you ask yourself; when they work? The thing is – we work having the coffee. We speak, negotiate, laugh, and do the business having coffee.


When in Zagreb do what we all do – have a coffee-  right after your guided tour.

In the city center in Preobraženska street, one of two small streets that connects Ilica street and Cvjetni Trg/flower Square – in the most beautiful terrace -have your coffee or tea or mulled wine by the fireplace in the real living room in the middle of the street -:)

Zagreb, Flower square (5) , by Matko M. Švarc

Enjoy Zagreb!

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