This famous dish comes from the eastern part of Croatia. Due to the richness of flavor, the recipe for Fiš-Paprikaš has spread to the rest of Croatia and became a culinary classic! Follow the easy steps and learn how to prepare this delicious meal!


fish (preferably 3 sorts), onion, minced red pepper – sweet and spicy,1 dried spicy pepper,5 red onions, tomato – sauce, salt, pepper (grained), white vine, camping pot on a campfire


Pick preferably three sorts of freshwater fish (carp, catfish, pike; starlet if available) Preparing the ingredients: Fish clean, rinse, cut in half, lay on the bottom of the pot and pour with water. Add finely chopped red onion, grained pepper optional. Cook on light heat. Once boiled, add sweet and sour pepper, salt, dried spicy pepper, and tomato sauce. Leave to simmer for 20 minutes. 10 minutes before done, sprinkle in white vine from Baranja region. Important to remember, stirring will cause the meat to decompose, instead allow it to simmer over a campfire.

Practical tip:

Serve while hot straight from the pot with homemade noodles (pasta) and white (homemade) bread. As appetizer serve white wine from Baranja region. The recipe occasionally varies as experienced local chefs have developed their own style in preparing this traditional dish.

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