Ajnpren soup is a simple dish that has become a part of traditional Croatian cuisine. This homemade soup is sometimes prepared when you do not feel good because it helps with stomach problems but since it is very tasty it is also one of our favorite winter appetizers!


3 tablespoon oil,3 tablespoon flour,1.5 l water or vegetable broth,salt,pepper,caraway,laurel leaf,1 larger egg,chopped garlic (optional)


Fry flour on fat until red, add minced sweet pepper (or instead minced pepper add finely chopped garlic) in a trinkle pour in water or broth, stir continuously to prevent lumps. Add laurel or caraway, salt, pepper and simmer for 20 minutes. Lastly, stir in whisked egg with one tablespoon of water in the soup, stir and whisk until egg resurfaces. Serve with toasted or dried bread cubes.

Practical tip:

Add vinegar by choice.

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