Food Film Festival Fantastic Fun – Even 5 Fs for All

For 10 days, or to be more precise, from September 7th till 16th, Zagreb will be hosting an amazing Food Film Festival – a fantastic fun, a little festival with 5 big Fs – for everyone who likes to enjoy (and take comfort) in great cuisine and fun movies. Actually, don’t we all do?

Stands with street food from around the world, open-air movie projections (did we say the movies are food-related? yummy!) will take place in one of the most beautiful places in Zagreb – Zrinjevac park.

The combination of delicious snacks of all kinds and interesting movies definitely attracted a lot of visitors on the first day so there is no doubt that Zrinjevac will be looking magical these days.
You can borrow a blanket to lie on with your friends and also borrow a basket that you can fill with food from the stands and sit under the starry sky in the center of Zagreb. Magical isn’t it?
In case you find yourself nearby, stop by, take a bite and catch a movie while the weather is still warm these days!



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