#FromDiasporaToDiaspora Conference

Croatian diaspora conference

#FromDiasporaToDiaspora Conference will take place in Split on the 17th and 18th of May 2019.

The overarching goal of the Diaspora Conference is to find ways to Integrate all Croatians as one and to forge the future of the Croatian identity both in Croatia and abroad through social, economic and political solutions.

Stanka Karazija, a returnee from the U.S.A (also lived in numerous Arab countries) and Branka Ćubelić, a returnee from Australia, both have returned to the homeland and have been using their expertise acquired in the diaspora to start their own businesses here in Croatia.

Branka Ćubelić is CEO of Dreamtime Events Croatia invites those in the diaspora to come to the Conference with words; ‘Come back to Croatia! Invest in Croatia! We have a lot of foreigners who invest in Croatia. What about you?’

Brown Beach Hotel Trogir

Stanka Karazija, director of Brown Beach House Hotel in Trogir, says: “We have come back, you should come back. You should use all of your expertise that you have gained in foreign countries, invest in Croatia, come here and teach this younger generation on how business should look like and we want you to come back!”

You are invited to come to the Conference and hear the stories of successful returnees who are making a difference in Croatia.

Some of the panel discussion are;

    1. Successful stories of returnees who have invested in Croatian tourism
    2. The Croatian dream
    3. The past and the future of the Croatian returnees
    4. Diaspora tourism & investments
    5. Health & wellness tourism
    6. Croatia as a brand
    7. Diaspora culture shock
    8. Integration into Croatian businesses
    9. Croatian tourism startups
    10. Pitch session – innovative Croatian companies
    11. The creation of a tourism product and the cooperation among the tourist industry
    12. Development niches of diaspora tourism: culture, creativity & events


To learn more and to sign up for the Diaspora Conference, please visit: https://cro-diasporacongress.com/split-svibanj-2019/


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