The Golden coast of Pag island is the golden idea

Camping Village Šimuni

We love our coast and the large increase in tourist visits confirms the fact that they adore our coast as well. The reasons are obvious.

But, when late autumn comes, and many cities and extremely beautiful sunny villages become deserted while the color of the sea and the sky is in all 5o shades of gray, we all rather stay in our smoggy and busy cities enjoying summer pictures on our mobile phones.

If you visit some other coasts you’ll find beautiful coastal cities with its vibrant life even during the wintertime.

Let’s see about the task and the achievement of the Golden Coast on Pag island of Adriatic

The worldwide trend of coastal settlement construction where most real estate comes with its berth is very popular with boat owners. By taking on the best of similar projects in the world and placing it in our historically and culturally rich Adriatic context, it is possible to set a new level of performance that will become a global benchmark for tourist quality.

The island of Pag is one of the longest Croatian islands. With its ideal geographical position in the central Adriatic, it provides excellent transport links via bridge and ferry lines. Due to its extremely rich offer, the famous Zrće beach and with over 2500 thousand sunny hours is one of the favorite destinations in Croatia. Getting to Pag is easy because it is not far from Croatian city centers and European transport hubs. Convenient location in the heart of the Adriatic, so all known Croatian tourist destinations are easily accessible.

The potential of the island of Pag for such a project is most enormous in the Adriatic. Usable acres of a land part seems lifeless.

 „Golden coast or Zlatna obala (cro.)“ project by Edo Maržić is a major project and investment of an entire new town on Pag, with more than 10,000 people living there. From the present, in which the surrounding land is empty and has almost no commercial value, indeed, the implementation of a project would lead to the construction of a new coast that will offer paradise on earth.

The deep bays of the island of Pag offer numerous opportunities for the development of elite tourism through the construction of a luxury complex of villas, marinas, and other facilities. The project would also include a range of accommodations for tens of thousands of people.

Such a huge infrastructure project would create more than a thousand new jobs, but what is even more important is that with such a project, the Adriatic would get a new luxury oasis that would exceed its role models in the world in size and quality. The „Zlatna obala“ project is designed so that each property has its berth and access for vehicles. The idea is to maintain the style of the original architecture and culture of the old town of Pag.

Golden coast can be very closely connected with the people of the golden age. The golden age is the term know from old times, and it refers to a period in a field of endeavor when great tasks were accomplished according to a Greek poet and philosopher Hesiod..If the popularity of the golden age people would come to live there on the Golden coast permanently or most part of the year – that would be a great achievement! Just because they are in their best years, they would enjoy that heaven on earth of Pag island and its beautiful coastline, its fantastic food, wines, and cheese.

Never the less, they would have their families and friend coming from time to time. And the number is just getting bigger and bigger, even if we make a very conservative calculation of all the amenities of the Golden coast project.

Maržić promises a fund for retirees and students from dues for passage of the canal. He is convinced that we can achieve the same results as other tourist destinations. Several plans and models have already been designed for the billion-euro project in five phases.

The Košljun canal is a natural extension of the southern bay of Pag, which strives to connect with the open sea. The canal will become a real tourist attraction as it will give you an unforgettable experience when passing it to get to the marina.

Undoubtedly, the potential of the island of Pag for such a project is greatest in the Adriatic.

The dream of a generation on the island of Pag is becoming a reality!

Looking forward to seeing more of The Golden coast!

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