Grand Park Hotel Rovinj- the new sense of luxury adventure

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Istria, Croatia


My sense of adventure is very low if we speak of reaching the high mountain peaks, or go to diving among rare and ‘not dangerous’ fishes in the coral reef, I don’t even like street food. I know. I miss a lot.  But, if you want me to describe the peaks of indulgence of the best SPAs I’ve experienced, or to tell you the story of some of the best hotels in the world, and what did I like the most traveling around …here my sense of adventure starts.

Travel is what I do, when not working 🙂 Luxury travel is what I like, whether selling it, planning, writing about, or just exploring and dreaming.  Today is hard to see something completely different, and most people usually say; when you see one luxury hotel, you saw all of them. Oh, what a blasphemy. Luxury has a completely different meaning if we talk about Europe and Asia, for instance. The difference is significant, and both sides are trying to achieve some of the other ones, like well-trained service from Europe, but kindness and smoothness from the East and many other things.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Istria, Croatia, photo credit by Maistra


Adriatic coast is very popular, and recently we get many new hotels…but one that opens its doors in April will expand the expectations hugely. The adventure that I like is the experience of great achievements, and Grand Park in Rovinj is an achievement made by Maistra, a well-known hospitality company in Croatia.


Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Istria, Croatia, photo credit by Maistra


Grant Hotel Park is the newest jewel in Maistra Collections with the breathtaking views of the old town, islands, and sea from elegantly designed rooms and terraces.

Grand Park hotel Rovinj – room, photo credit by Maistra


What is so ‘grand’ about Grand Park hotel Rovinj? Actually many things.

Albaro SPA and wellness.Oh yes. The total area of 3500 m² is split over two levels, 3 pools stretching from indoor to outdoor, the sauna zone spread over 1300 m² with cold pool ice fountain, tea room, relaxation room, 4 single therapy rooms, and one reserved for couples.

Grand Park hotel Rovinj-Albaro SPA and wellness


If you are more a ‘pool person’ then you’ll find this place the dream comes true. The pool complex spans over 2228 m2  , and when my adrenaline level gets to normal, then the modern and spacious gym just appeared in front of me elegantly waiting for me to start sweating. Literally.

What more can one expect? But you can if we are in Grand hotel Park in Rovinj.

Three restaurants..

Cap Aureo Signature Restaurant located on a 5th level with the open kitchen, special chef’s table and the view worth a million dollars.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Istria, Croatia, photo credit by Maistra


Laurel & Berry Restaurant, where the buffet breakfast and casual dinners are served.

Primi Terreni Restaurant & Delicatessen is actually Grand (big) space with its grill-themed restaurant arranged around an open cooking island,  “wine cave” and a deli with a large selection of local and international delicacies (cold cuts, hams, cheeses, bread, beverages, and the like) to taste onsite or nicely packed to take away.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Istria, Croatia, photo credit by Maistra


There is more; pastry shop Katarina Patisserie and Viva Eufemia, lobby bar with the greatest selection of bubbles…sparkling wines and champagnes in Croatia. St. Eufemia is saint patron of Rovinj town, but locals call their patron Fuma. And right here you’ll find an elegant and masculine cigar lounge. Interesting, fuma’ is an Italian word for she/he smokes 🙂

Photo by Matthias Jordan


All of my senses of luxury adventure are ‘a posto’ here at this amazing new hotel – Grand Park Hotel.

I love this place. I would love it elsewhere, but when is in Rovinj, I love even more.

To be continued…



Grand Park Hotel Rovinj



Andreja Horvatić






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