Delicious green beans stew is a favorite choice for many housewives and a good option when choosing a light summer meal. This simple recipe brings a recognizable homemade flavor to your dinner table!


1 kg green beans,400 g lard (or oil),2 carrots,5 potatoes,300 g flour,2 teaspoon tomato sauce, salt, pepper, optional sour cream


Green peas clean from fibres, slice into 3 cm in size and blanche. Prepare roux in a deep pot. In a lard or oil pan fry little onion and sliced carrot. Stir them into the roux pot together with green peas and cubed potato. Salt and add two teaspoons tomato sauce and sour cream according to taste. Stew is done when the potato is boiled.

Practical tip:

Optional, sprinkle with sugar.

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