Grilled meat with an addition of vegetables is a standard dish for most people. Depending on the culture, country, and commons, this tasty combination can vary in infinite versions. Whether you like it spicy, well-done, medium rare or plain, you can’t deny that it’s always fun trying to make a little twist in the way you usually prepare this meal.  Try our delicious recipe for Croatian grilled meat dishes! It is the most famous thing you’ll eat at most family weekend lunches or local neighborhood chill-grill. So, let’s go!


1 kg poultry,1 kg chunked meat for skewers,1 kg pork neck


You can use store-bought marinaded meat, but pork, chicken, turkey, hamburger, and ćevapćići are better tasting if marinated by hand. Beef and veal (especially the liver) are more tender if salted after grilling, wrapped in an aluminum foil and left to sit for about 10 minutes. When grilling chicken, salt wings, and legs beforehand and soak for 10 minutes in a marinade made of oil, chopped onion, a pinch of minced sweet red peppers and beer for special flavor and crunchy taste. Grill chicken until crispy gold, for about 15 minutes depending on the coal heat. To make skewers, use meat from the neck, back or loins, cut into smaller chunks ½ cm in size. Coat with oil and salt, leave to sit for a few hours before grilling. Pork neck is a common choice for grilling, as for being seared with fat, it stays tender and soft after grill. Marinade neck for a few hours to marry flavors. To make a marinade: in a non-metallic bowl mix oil, garlic and little salt. Optional: add in wine, fresh herbal seasoning, mustard and minced red pepper. Grill meat on coal, not on the open flame. Grilling on open flame will harden the meat. It is important to estimate when it is done.

Practical tip:

Croatians also love grilled sausages and assorted vegetables. Grilled dish serve on warm plates garnished with finely chopped onion, grilled bell pepper, or traditional Croatian relish called ajvar made from bell pepper and aubergine.

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