Health and Spa resorts in Croatian Zagorje part. II

Zagorje has, besides magical hills and endless green sceneries, a big amount of healthy thermal water wells which makes it the region with possibly the most thermal spas in Croatia and further.
As we mentioned some of the prominent health resorts in Zagorje in our first post here, it’s time to continue the list and find if some of these places suit your vocational and health need, maybe?

  1. Krapinske Toplice

A thermal spa resort, only 50km from Zagreb, known to people since ancient times. Romans knew of the many benefits of these thermal waters and already made Krapinske Toplice a legendary place by naming them „Aquae vivae“ which in Latin literally meant „Living water“.
But the golden age of this spa dates back to 19th century when Austro-Hungarian elite started to frequently visit Krapinske Toplice after they were renovated by Jakob Badl, a tycoon who had big problems related to his sciatica and found out, after many standard medical treatments, that only the thermal waters in Krapinske Toplice helped him. He invested in the spa to make it even better, bigger and able to receive more patients and that is exactly what happened in the following years.
Later in mid 20th century, the spa made the next step and opened The Special hospital for rheumatic diseases and rehabilitation which is one of the best of its kind in Croatia to his day.

So what makes this spa so beneficial?  Four springs of natural healing thermal mineral water with a high share of calcium, magnesium, and hydrocarbons. That makes hydrotherapy one of the most important kind of therapy there since it helps with so many health problems such as rheumatic diseases, weight loss and digestive issues.

  1. Terme Jezerčica

A nearby and similar spa, but with a more modern and contemporary touch is absolutely Terme Jezerčica, located in the heart of Zagorje region and only 40km from Zagreb.
This spa also lies on natural sources of thermal waters and offers numerous programs depending on what you need and like. Many kinds of saunas (Finnish, Infrared, Hammam, Turkish, Aroma), massages, many pools for people of all generations and needs. Terme Jezerčica is an excellent place for families with children since there are so many programs and fun things to do for kids while the parents take a well-deserved rest!

  1. Terme Sveti Martin

This spa has been actual for more than 100 years! And it all started by an accident.
A Hungarian- English company came to the very North of Croatia to drill oil and found no oil, but something even better – thermo-mineral water!
It is believed that this area is rich in thermal waters because of the Pannonian sea that existed there over 10 million years ago.
So what is beneficial in waters of Sveti Martin? Well, they are filled with vitamins and other elements that help with so many health issues. To name only some of them: Lithium- helps fight depression, Sodium- good for arthritis and slower aging, Strontium- for good bone density, Iodine- for the better thyroid gland, Potassium- helps with cardiovascular diseases and detox and Fluor which helps with osteoporosis.

Is there any need to say more about these awesome places that offer not only a great chance to run away from everything hectic in life, but also take good care of your health as it is the only valuable thing we all have at the end!


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