Health and Spa Resorts in Croatian Zagorje

In our section about health tourism in Croatia, there is a need to draw some attention to the Health Resorts that aren’t located anywhere near the Adriatic coast but already in the magical region of Zagorje, full of small hills covered in green and little houses full of friendly inhabitants.

In these areas nature, the air, the waters…..they all signal a better health condition after a just a few days spent there.

So let’s name a few…



Stubičke Toplice
Known as a prominent spa and rehabilitation center located at the foot of the Medvednica Mountain, surrounded with rich forests and mild climate.
It’s an old spa which dates back to 19thcentury  when the Bishop of Zagreb, Maksimilijan Vrhovac financed the construction of a building containing an indoor pool, baths, ballrooms, etc. What makes this spa so special? The healing thermal water that reaches the temperature of 69° C at the well.





Terme Tuhelj
The natural bath near Mihanović Castle is unique in Croatia and allows bathing in the thermal water running at the bottom of the pool, and constant water flow always offers fresh water. At the thermal water source at 33 ° C, a healing peloid mud is created in the form of FANGO therapy that relaxes and heals. The sports center offers a choice of different sports fields (tennis, basketball, football – grass and concrete courts, mini football, table tennis, fitness and sports halls, mini golf) and preparation for professional athletes and recreationa


Varaždin Spa


The baroque capital of Croatia offers more than just beautiful art and history. It also offers one of the most prominent spas in Croatia, especially the continental region.


A small town of Varaždinske Toplice lies in the valley of the Bednja River. During the Antique period, Varaždinske Toplice was a well known thermal spa called Aquae Iasae whose importance was well described by the fact that they were renovated by Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century.
According to the balneological analysis, thermal mineral water in Varaždinske Toplice contains calcium, sodium, hydro-carbonate, sulfate and sulfur and it has a temperature of 58°C.
For all therapeutic treatments in a Special hospital for medicinal rehabilitation Varaždinske Toplice people have been using thermal sulfur water and healing peloids from natural springs for almost thousand years.






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