Health tourism? Croatia is the place!

There is nothing as important to any human being as their health as well as the health of their loved ones. It is something you should invest and nurture throughout your whole lifetime, and that can sometimes definitely become hard when it turns to long waiting lists for medical appointments and medical service whose quality varies from one medical expert or hospital to another.
As one of the basic human rights, there shouldn’t be lousy medical service, limited kinds of treatments and, above all, expensive healthcare.
Croatia is one of few countries in the world that, thanks to its position and rich history, has always had excellent health supply of all kinds.
Ever since the era of Roman Empire, Croatia was recognized as a place of numerous natural health springs such as air next to the coast or naphthalene.
Therefore, there were one of the first spa (or „thermal“ in Latin) in places like Split, Varaždin and Vis island.

Over the centuries Croatia has developed a chain of many kinds of medical wellness spas and spa clinics for many health issues every person is handling in their busy lives.
From excellent dental care, pulmonology, orthopedic rehabilitation, etc. it has always been a priority to give their local and foreign patients the best medical care they deserve.
Today, many people from every country imaginable have recognized medical professionals and excellent conditions that they offer right here in Croatia and all for more than a reasonable price in their homelands.
Stay tuned for more info about the rising branch of Croatian health tourism and think about using your vacation also to improve your health because, without good health and deserved relaxation, what everything else means anyway?

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