Health tourism in Croatia

Medical tourism in Croatia is already recording good results. Dental medicine should be highlighted as the most attractive magnet and probably the most significant share of health tourism in Croatia.
Rijeka and Istria are leaders in it, but so is Zagreb. In other parts of Croatia, we should mention the multitude of thermal springs and spas that are usually rehabilitation centars throughout Hrvatski Zagorje and Eastern Croatia.
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E pur si muove in Međimurje

Every day, Međimurje records an increasing number of visitors who are eager to ‘move.’ today, we spend more and more time sitting and less and less in nature. Photo by…
3. Hotel Carice Elizabete

The old postcards tell a story of Hvar tourism

The first postcard of Hvar, photo credit by Siniša Matković-Mikulčić, Secret Hvar agency In the mid 19th century was known that Hvar’s climate has excellent qualities, and it’s suitable for…
Bizovac toplice CRoatian Attractions

Bizovac Spa

Just around 20km from Osijek you’ll find Bizovac Spa (Bizovačke Toplice) and unlike most of the spa resorts we mentioned in some of our last posts about health tourism, this…
Roberta F. CC BY SA 3.0 https creativecommons.orglicensesby sa3.0 from Wikimedia Commons2

Lipik thermal sanatorium

In the beautiful region of Slavonia, hides a little place that has been known for centuries and centuries tits magical healing powers –Lipik. This is the place where you can…
By TomK32 Diskussion Copyrighted free use from Wikimedia Commons

Veli Lošinj Health Resort

You may have heard about the island of Mali Lošinjand its breathtaking nature which serves as a vitality restoration for anyone who visits. And the healing powers of this island…
Sandor Bordas CC BY SA 3.0 https creativecommons.orglicensesby sa3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 3

Health and Spa Resorts in Croatian Zagorje

In our section about health tourism in Croatia, there is a need to draw some attention to the Health Resorts that aren’t located anywhere near the Adriatic coast but already…
Croatian Attractions Istarske toplice

The Istrian thermal resort

In the spirit of presenting some of the magical places in Croatia, which also happen to have healing powers (in case you missed our post about health tourism, be sure…
By Fraxinus Croat CC BY SA 3.0 https creativecommons.orglicensesby sa3.0 from Wikimedia Commons

Daruvar Spa- a secret kept for centuries

Croatia truly is a spring of nature giving its best to improve our health. There have been places throughout the whole country that had their medicinal purposes, and Daruvar Spa…
Croatia2go NIna Bogdan Hvar 4

Health tourism? Croatia is the place!

There is nothing as important to any human being as their health as well as the health of their loved ones. It is something you should invest and nurture throughout…
CA Mali Lošinj20 AH

Lošinj is The Island of Vitality

Pleasant Mediterranean climate, rich biodiversity (230 kinds of herbs), essential oils, sea aerosols, clean air, crystal clear sea … all of this has a fantastic impact on your respiratory system!…


'Romantic' is the middle name for this amazing gastro adventure!…
4-6 hours, depends on the driving time
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