Heaven is at St. Andrew’s island

Summertime. Time passes slower in the office than on vacation. One of Murphy’s Laws. The worst one. Time consumption sometimes seems like a broken time capsule. Interesting, mine completely recovers at St. Andrew’s island in front of Rovinj. Mistery recovery is a very slow mode, and I might say hibernation.

Saint Andrew Island, Rovinj, Istra, Croatia

My first visit to the island of St. Andrew  ( my saint patron) was like the first kiss. Shy and excited and wet. Did you like it? I don’t think so. But we all did it again. And again. Same with me and St. Andrew.

Years later, I still come here. There is no better place for me to spend my holiday. St Andrew is also known as Crveni otok/ The Red island. I don’t know what is red about it, but what surprises me is the fact that my favorite island in Croatia was inhabited in prehistory.

Saint Andrew Island, Rovinj, Istra, Croatia, photo credit by Maistra

On the island of St. Andrews, there is only one Island hotel Istra, excellent restaurants La Serra, Anno Domini 547 and Captain’s club, pizzeria, few beach bars, church, sports center, tennis court, lovely beach, and a small marina with the great lounge bar.

There is nothing so unique and different than at many other places at this Adriatic.

Or it is?

Hotel Istra, St. Andrew, photo credit by Maistra

Hotel Istria, as part of Maistra hospitality company with its magnificent management, helps you to enjoy your holiday completely with the significant pool area, small gym, and very intimate wellness with the sauna area.

It’s so peaceful to be here; it’s never too crowded because except people staying in the hotel Istra here are only people who come to spend the day on the island, and those few who come with boats.

Hotel Istra, St. Andrew

The entire island looks like a park. It’s green, and you can smell all the Mediterranean fragrances. The sound on the island is a perfect mixture of seagulls, waves, and trees dancing in the breeze. It looks like a botanical garden with palms, beautiful flowers, Mediterranean macchia surrounded by the turquoise crystal clear sea. You can find some park benches in places where you can just sit and watch the sunset.

St. Andrew island photo credit by Andreja Horvatić

It’s heaven.

St. Andrew island is the perfect place to spend a holiday; whether alone, or with your partner, or with family.

St. Andrew island photo credit by Andreja Horvatić

And if you miss urban tourism and people in just 15 minutes with the complimentary yacht ride, you’ll get to the center of Rovinj -Istrian pearl. But don’t bother- Istra hotel management arranged for you an amazing music experience, either a famous DJ or great live music. Never the less – your holiday outfits can be as easy and casual as possible.

St. Andrew island photo credit by Andreja Horvatić


Andreja on holiday

Have I told you that is heaven with the name of my patron, after whom I was named, Saint Andrew? Nomen est omen.

St. Andrew Island, sunset

Saint Andrew Island, Rovinj, Istra, Croatia

St. Andrew Island, Rovinj,  Croatia. photo by Andreja Horvatić


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