Helicopter captain or Laura c’e Croatia Amore

Flying over King’s Landing/Dubrovnik or Korčula island, or Hvar is definitely a highlight of your holidays in Croatia. But if you fly with the most beautiful pilot you ever have seen..oh, that’s much more then you ever expected. So, treat yourself with the best helicopter flight you can have in Croatia.

Laura Protat FOUNDER & HELICOPTER CAPTAIN of Croatia Amore


croatia2go: You are a helicopter captain, right? For how long now are you „living in the air“? How did you come to the idea of Helicopter Tours?

LAURA PROTAT: Yes, I am a pilot and have been doing helicopter operations since 2002, when I was 19 years old. I have started in Italy, flying in Tuscany, Lacio, Sardinia…

croatia2go: Why did you decide to spread your business to Croatia and establish first Helicopter Charter Business here?

LAURA PROTAT: With a lot of helicopter operations behind me, together with getting more and more queries for Croatia, I have decided to open the Helicopter Charter business here. This was a great challenge for us because it was a big investment, but we made it. We decided to make Dubrovnik our base because the majority of 5 stars hotels are based here and we had many queries coming from guests staying in Dubrovnik. Next, our plan is another base on Brač island.

Laura Protat helicopter captain

croatia2go: What are your most popular tours?

LAURA PROTAT: Our best selling tour is Dubrovnik Old Town Tour. It is very popular for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We tailored this tour to be achievable for most customers, not just VIP guests. This tour is very significant, especially this year when cable car in Dubrovnik is closed so this is the only way to see Dubrovnik from hight above. It is a fantastic experience. Also, we have a high demand for charter flights to Hvar, Brač, and other islands.


Hvar by Nina Bogdan


croatia2go: What is included in one helicopter tour?

LAURA PROTAT: In Dubrovnik old town tour is included: 15 min of flying, welcome drink (on special occasions), information about flight procedure and routing, and, of course, a beautiful captain, hahaha. 🙂

Laura Protat, helicopter captain

croatia2go: How many passengers can be in the helicopter?

LAURA PROTAT: It can be a maximum of 4 passengers plus captain in the helicopter.

croatia2go: Are most often guests couples in love, since it is Croatia Amore?

LAURA PROTAT: Most of our clients are couples, families with kids, incentive (business) groups, and company employees on team building. One of our famous couple guests were Rita Ora and Lewis Hamilton. ? Next year we are planning to make specially made tours for cruiser guests.

croatia2go: What can I say; Complimenti!!!!!Sei brava!! Ottima! What are people most amazed by after the helicopter ride?

DUBROVNIK from Srđ hill


LAURA PROTAT: Old Town Dubrovnik is amazing from the air! Also Korčula, Ston and its „Chinese wall“, Pelješac peninsula, magnificent Bol beach on Brač island and many more…

croatia2go: Are there any anecdotes?


LAURA PROTAT: Hmmm, well, I was pretty much surprised when I have received a phone call from the father of three saying, „We got the wrong nanny!!!!“.The thing was, there were more families and more nannies staying together in Tivat. When one family went to Dubrovnik, they sent me to get their nanny from Tivat to join them. But, I got the wrong one.
So, I had to go back to the right one. ?



croatia2go: Thank you, Laura! Safe flight and now we finally can say; Laura c’e to challenge Nek with Laura non c’e 🙂 We know that with you and Croatia Amore love is in the air 🙂


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