On the occasion of 160 years since the birth of Croatian emigrant  Ivan Vučetić, as part of the celebration of 150 years of organized tourism in Hvar (where Vučetić was born), The Croatian Heritage Foundation opened the exhibition “IVAN VUČETIĆ – Hvar native with the world address “in the Hvar’s Town Hall.
A ceremonial opening ceremony was held on July 20th in the Town Hall, on the very birthday of our inventor.

The opening ceremony was attended by the director of the Croatian Heritage Foundation, Mijo Marić and his associates, on that occasion noted:

-„Vučetić was a recognized eminent Croatian emigrant. He has left an invention that has determined many world events. „

Exhibition exhibits (objects and documentation) were borrowed from the Police Museum from the Argentine town of La Plate which was founded after  Ivan Vučetić (Juan Vucetich) gave it to the town.


The exhibit pavilion exhibits the material from life and achievements of Ivan Vučetić: Examining fingerprint identification methods, he found 4 basic types of papillary lines: circle, arc, left and right trap, and prove that they are parts of the body that never change from birth, so they are, therefore, the most reliable and personal sign of living beings, as animals and, indeed, plants have papillary lines.

Vučetić’s discovery is still the most reliable identification method today applied throughout the world, especially in Zagreb where the Center for Police has been operating for almost sixty years with the Center for forensic examinations called….you guessed it…. Ivan Vučetić!

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