Hvar Tourist Board – your partner for a great holiday

Hotel Palace Elisabeth, Hvar town, Croatia, photo credit by Hvar TB


In 2018 Hvar celebrated 150 years of organized tourism which started with the founding of The Hygienic

Society of Hvar as one of the earliest “tourist boards” in Europe which was established in 1868 to provide “good care for visitors”.

Today’s Hvar is the island of rich and elegant history, culture, sun, sea, excellent wine, good music, best parties and so much more. And the Hvar Tourist Board makes every year a great effort to make its offer even better than in the past year.

Hvar, Croatia, photo credit by Hvat TB


For 2020 they are preparing:

  1. Sustainable tourism development projects
  2. Organization of 12 events throughout the year with the aim of making Hvar more attractive for the guests in the pre and post-season
  3. Development of cycling tourism as a major tourist product with new cycling routes
  4. Virtual view of the Prince’s Palace in the town of Hvar at the location of today’s Palace Elisabeth Hotel
  5. A charging station for electric vehicles available for everyone’s use in the town of Hvar
  6. Free Wi-Fi in the city center

    Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

  7. Google street view – Pointers destination capturing with the VR 360 ° camera of the locations in the city of Hvar and the Pakleni Islands
  8. The mobile app of Hvar Tourist Board through which you can find out all about cultural, wine, gastro, sport and leisure events in Hvar
  9. Attending New York Times Travel Show where Hvar Tourist Bord will give a presentation of the city and the island of Hvar

At the end of March, Hvar island is expecting the results of the World’s Best Island Selection according to Travel + Leisure magazine, where it usually finds itself in the Top 10. This year aiming for the best score. 

Hvar town, photo by TB of Hvar town

Hvar island, inland of Hvar

Hvar island, off road tour

Hvar’s Theatre & Arsenal, photo credit by Hvar TB

Hvar, the fortress Fortica, photo credit by Hvar TB

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