Iceland vs Croatia

Magnificent Croatia’s victory over Argentina in the second match of the World Cup in Russia was celebrated throughout the world in great euphoria. Croatia won the placement in the eight finals. Croatian Soccer Coach and Croatian National Team Manager Zlatko Dalić surprised everyone with his selection of the team for today’s match against Iceland in Rostov-On-Don.

The interesting selection will prove that the Croatian National team does not rely on one excellent player but the whole team of excellent players that will make Croatia proud again!

With this selection, Croatia starts today’s match with different players on the team. Dalić decided to play without the players having a card and he gave a chance to the players from the bench. Famous Croatian footballer Vedran Ćorluka is the only player with a card to play today.


Some condemn Dalić’s decision and consider it to be a B team selection, and Argentine and Nigerian camp refer with disapproval to his decision. Croatia is confident in their team and says no one has to fear for fair play because Croatia will play for victory to round off the brilliant performance of the group.

His decision was explained by the statement: “We are playing match by match and creating our own way to the finals so Croatia is the only one who decides about its destiny, no matter who the opponent is.”




The first place can be lost only by losing to Iceland 3-0, and if Nigeria with the same goal difference wins Argentina. “In fact, we can not choose an opponent in the eight finals even if we want to. We will be 99 percent first in the group regardless of the result and that’s why we choose our own way, ” said Dalić.

We believe in our players and a good evaluation of Zdravko Dalić and we are eagerly waiting for today’s match!

Zlatko Dalic Croatian National football team coach,
Zlatko Dalic Croatian National football team coach,

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