In famous Roman palace in Split people still live!


Diocletian Palace, Split, photo by Croatian-attractions

Diocletian Palace is one of the monumental historical sightings not only of Split but of Croatian historical and architectural treasure in general.
The built-in transition from 3rdto 4thcentury AD, it served as a place where Roman emperor Diocletian retired and spent most of his free time when on duty.

The main gate of the Palace is called the Golden gate and those are the same gates emperor Diocletian used to enter the building. The gate was decorated in beautiful ornaments with depictions of another member of the famous tetrarch,  besides Diocletian, Maximillian, Galerius, and Constantinus.

Famous Diocletian’s Palace in Split

After Diocletian’s death in 4thcentury, the Palace has undergone many changes but stayed kept and renovated to this day.
The interesting fact about this particular site is that since the earliest recorded times people have always lived in Diocletian’s Palace and there has never been a period when it was not inhabited.
You’ll rarely stumble upon the people who live there because they are mostly the true locals who usually hideaway during the periods when Split is full of visitors from around the world.


There are private flats but also apartments for tourists that are located inside the Palace so in case you plan to visit Split, there is a chance to sleep a few nights in a real Roman palace.

Until then, take a look at this amazing gallery of Diocletian’s Palace and start booking a Split tour!

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Split, photo by Croatian Attractions

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