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The croatia2know-croatia2go prize quiz is an integral part of the website to promote Croatian tourism facilities and services, and partners who provide awards. Media Partner is Narodni.

The front page of displays all necessary information, and it’s a link to the quiz.

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croatia2gknow-croatia2go is a knowledge quiz on the topic of Croatia, from general to lesser-known details.

Instructions for participants are written bilingually; in Croatian and English.

The questions are in English, as well as the complete content of

Instructions and rules 

Any person over the age of 18 can participate in the prize quiz by entering all the required personal data (name, surname, e-mail, and marking (I accept) that he agrees with these general conditions. With the correct, all answers to the questions (within one round of questions) the participant wins the award provided for that round of questions.

The complexity and the number of of the question are adjusted to the values ​​of the awards.

All answers – to each question, can be found on the online platform croatia2go. For more demanding questions, participants can use the ‘help’ link so that they can be informed about the correct answer in the shortest possible question and successfully solve the quiz.

Before each series of each round of questions, the award provided for that round of questions is stated.

The resolution of quiz time is limited.

For simpler questions, less demanding, considered as ‘general knowledge’ or ‘general culture’, the resolution time is the shortest. In contrast, for more demanding questions, it is possible to search the site longer in search of correct answers and valuable prizes.

The time we set for each round of questions depends on the difficulty of the quiz.

When the participant answers all the questions correctly, a form will appear with the information to be filled in, so that the award-voucher can be submitted electronically by e-mail.

PARTNER is a legal or private person who provided the realization of awards.

The voucher contains data of the award,  PARTNER who made it possible, where it can be used within that period.

The winner must comply with all the conditions of the prize quiz when accepting the award.

If the participant does not leave the required information or does leave incorrect or invalid information it is considered that he/she has given up the award.

Access to the form was provided immediately after the quiz was resolved. It is not possible to access the same form later.

The prize can only be collected in person, upon presentation of an identity document.

The participant is obliged to realize the prize in/at the offered place and time.

If the participant does not respond to the realization of the award, he will consider that he has given up.

The usefulness of the award

Winners commit to realizing the award within the period stipulated from the day of receiving the award, after which the gift card/voucher is deactivated and is no longer usable.

Announcements about any event during the consumption of the award must not contain unjustified negativism or otherwise damage the name and reputation of the organizer and his partners.

In case of force majeure that prevents the realization of the prize, it is necessary to contact the quiz organizer who will try to arrange a postponement with the final service provider.

The organizer does not commit to resolving the possible delay because the realization of the same depends on the partner’s capacity, but will do everything to make it happen.

If the award is not realized in the time provided for the realization, it will be considered that the realization has been given up.

The award can not be redeemed – it is exclusively intended for realization and can be used ONLY by the winner with the necessary identification. The award is not transferable.

In case of unauthorized access to the site, incorrect or unauthorized use of the site, irregular mode of play, no prizes will be awarded.

We reserve the right to select and exclude competitors without the obligation to explain.

By using any part of the croatia2know-croatia2go quiz and opening the question and all its parts, you automatically accept all current rules of use.

Users are required to read the terms of use regularly, and it is considered that users are continuously using the croatia2know-croatia2go platform or any part of it familiar with the current rules of use that they understand them in full.

No part of the croatia2know-croatia2go quiz may be used for illegal purposes.

Banners with links to external pages, and are visible on the croatia2know-croatia2go page, also contain links outside the platform and are published in good faith. is not responsible for content outside its platform.

The organizer of the quiz is PRO-AND d.o.o. based in Zagreb, Malešnica 3c

The estimated duration of the quiz is 2 months – from June 21, 2020, to August 21, 2020, or until the expiration of the prizes.

All awards and partners are listed on, on the link croatia2know-croatia2go and visible, and especially highlighted in each round of the quiz. Winners may if they wish to authorize the publication of their photo, name, and surname on a website, Facebook page or,  other media of the prize quiz, for which no fee can be claimed from the organizer or co-organizer. All winners will be announced on the Facebook page of the organizer within seven days after the end of the quiz.

General information on prizes and winners

It is possible to win ONLY one prize. It can be played on several occasions, but the quiz organizer and partners will allow ONE player to win ONLY one prize.

In the event that the winner is a minor, the prize will be transferred to the parent or legal representative of the winner, who thus becomes the winner, with the consent of the winner’s parents or legal representative.

All awards are published in the media (websites and / or Facebook and Instagram networks). Prizes are submitted exclusively by e-mail in the form of a voucher to the e-mail address of the winner. Upon receipt of the voucher – the winner is obliged to confirm receipt of the same so that the organizer can send him the details (possible) necessary for the realization.

The organizer and co-organizer (partner) have the right to require the winner to prove their identity during the realization. If the winner does not wish to do so, or that the information differs from the information provided in the entry, he may lose the right to the prize in full.

The organizer and other persons participating in the implementation of the prize quiz are not responsible for any damage that may arise from the prize quiz and is related to the realization of the prize, travel expenses, which arise from the use of the prize.

In case of extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the organizer (force majeure), the prize draw/competition may be suspended. The organizer must inform all participants about this via the website and social networks, and if necessary, by e-mail. In this case, the organizer is not liable to the participants for the damage.

The organizer reserves the right to change the rules if required by technical or commercial reasons. The organizer will inform the participants about all changes and additions to the prize game.

All complaints and reclamations are resolved by the organizer. In case of justified complaints, the organizer undertakes to remove them as soon as possible and inform the participants or, if necessary, other participants.

PRIVACY PROTECTION and thus croatia2know.-croatia2go protects the privacy of users to the greatest extent possible.

The GDPR form is an integral part of the site and, as such is in the service of the users of the site. When using the data of participants for the realization of prizes – they will be used only for the purpose specified in the rules of the quiz; for the realization of prizes and possible additional purposes, necessarily related to the realization of prizes.

If the participant agrees to use his data in possible marketing activities, he is obliged to give his consent within the form he fills out when winning the prize.

The content of the page, as well as content transferred in agreement with the content owner, are copyrighted and are not allowed to copy not use the site or any part thereof without permission.

  1. The organizer will carefully protect personal data, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (OG 103/03, 118/06, 41/08, 130 / 11,106 / 12) and the Electronic Communications Act (OG 73/08, 90/11, 133/12, 80/13, 71/14). The organizer will use personal data exclusively for the following purposes:
  • implementation of the quiz;
  • informing the winner of the result of the draw;
  • announcement of the winners on the website of the prize game;
  • announcement of the winners in e-mails that will be sent for the purpose of informing all participants;
  • statistical and market analyzes and segmentation of participants;
  • Implementation of direct marketing actions;
  • sending e-news by e-mail, approximately once a week

The organizer will not provide the obtained personal data to third parties in any case. The collected personal data will be kept until the revocation of personal data by the participants. The revocation of the storage of personal data with the organizer can be reported by the participants in writing to the address of the organizer (or to the e-mail address

  • The consequence of revoking personal data storage will be the deletion of participants’ personal data with the organizer.
  • After the expiration of the storage period, the organizer deletes personal data at its discretion
  • The organizer must participant’s request:
  • confirm whether or not personal data relating to him are being processed;
  • allow access to personal data relating to him, their forwarding, copying or duplication;
  • forward a printout of personal data concerning him;
  • provide information on how personal data is processed;
  • carry out the deletion of his personal data.

The prize quiz website uses cookies, but only as a protective element to prevent the misuse of the prize quiz system, which does not allow the identification of an individual.

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