International Choreographic Convention in Zagreb

Kliker festival for children’s movement, dance and play & International Choreographic Convention

Zagreb is going to host for the first time An International Choreographic Convention from October 23 – 26 in Zagreb, organized by Tala Dance Center, in the frame of Kliker Festival.

In October 2019, within KLIKER Festival of dance, movement and play for children and youth in Zagreb, Tala Dance Center is organizing a Choreographic Convention, together with artistic organization VRUM and KLIKER platform. The project was supported through EU program Culture 2018 – 2022, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia and Kultura Nova Foundation.

The goal of the conference is to introduce experts who work with children: educators, teachers, professors, pedagogues and artists and their associates with current artistic and educative trends in the field of contemporary dance art in the World and in Croatia. Also, to emphasize and bring closer the importance of contemporary dance in the educational system through different programs and collaborations with professional artists and theatres. The three-day convention will emphasize the vision of development of contemporary dance for youth, through theoretical and practical work.

Kliker festival for children’s movement, dance and play will introduce shows for children and youth that will be held in Zagreb from October 23 to October 26, interaction with children and youth through conversations and feedback sessions, discussions/panels with experts who work with children, collaboration with kindergartens and schools who will organize mentioned activities in schools and kindergartens (premiere of “Polygon” at Ivan Gundulić Elementary School in Zagreb, professional seminar “Workbook for movement and dance” for educators and teachers, workshop and presentation of the “Teen Generator” project for high school students and their professors, workshop for children and parents “Contakids” in the space of “Vedri dani” kindergarten, a series of professional lectures for teachers and educators and extension of the collaboration and work with them in the implementation of activities during the school year).

Misli u boji, photo credit PR




19.00 h – Performance. Chronography of Dualism – We approach dualism as an element or factor that consists of two opposing elements of the same entity. Through the research process, we also dealt with the philosophical and spiritual segments of the meaning of dualism that paved the chronograph foundation for the creation of the choreographic vocabulary by examining concrete concepts as matter-spirit, essence-substance, light-darkness, soul-body. Since the history of the dualist idea was revived through movements and dances (rituals), it was interesting for us to approach this theme by unifying or opposing the urban movement and contemporary dance. – Larisa Lipovac Navojec, Vesna Grandeš – open for public (10+)


09:30h: performance of the show “Misli u boji” (4+) and dance workshop for children / PC Tala (Tamara Curić i Tomislav Brezičević), only for kindergarten

11:00-13:00h: “Teen Generator” (history of dance in 10 titles)) (13+) (interactive lecture + presentation) (Sanja Frühwald //VRUM// + Jovana Rakić Kiselčić / Milena Todorović //Station – service for contemporary dance, Belgrade, Serbia//OŠ Izidor Kršnjavi

14:30-15:30h: expert lecture “Inter-relational ecology and immersion” (Dalija Aćin Thelander) – Congress Center Forum /Green Gold

15:30-17:30h: Panel “Dance in education and education in dance”

(subjects: cooperation, improvements of school curriculum and integration of artistic practices in dance into education); Nina Meško (JSKD, Slovenia), Simone Schulte-Aladag (Tanzbüro München + Fokus Tanz/Tanz und Schule + Think Big! Festival //Germany//); Livia Patrizi (Tanz Zeit + Tanzkomplizen Berlin //Germany//), Maja Zrnčić (Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia / Ruksak (pun) kulture), Sanja Tropp Frühwald and Tamara Curić (KLIKER platform)

18:00: the premiere of ”Polygon” (6+) / PC Tala (L. Navojec and Keren Levi) – an interactive site-specific show with a workshop for children and teachers – only for the school


10:00h: performance of the show “Sinovi” (8+) / VRUM performing arts collective (Sanja Frühwald) KUC Travno

11:00-12:30h: professional seminar for educators for preschool children “Workbook for movement and dance” (Tamara Curić) – Dance Center Tala

12:30-13:00h: KLIKER ATELIER with YOUNG DANCE NETWORK ambassadors: Gabi dan Droste (Germany), Alfredo Zinola (Italy / Germany), Ceren Oran (Turkey / Germany / USA), Corinne Eckenstein (Switzerland / Austria), Giovanna Palmieri (Italy), Sanja Frühwald (Croatia / Austria) and guests – subjects: artistic perspectives, models and ways of working through artistic practices; dramaturgy in dance for young audience; particularities in creation of dance shows for young audiences.

>18:00h: GENERATOR Pitching Dance Hub – presentation of selected professional artists (from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy and Austria / Region Generator) through short START-UP presentations through which, both producers and audiences will have the chance to get to know their practices and new project ideas, with a purpose of connecting artists and producers/programmers for further development of concepts into performative projects. – Zagreb Puppet Theater


12:00 h: performance of dance play “Zebras are in town” (all ages) (open space)

12.30 h: interactive project “Silent Disco” (all ages) closing of the Festival&Convention

Kronografija dualizma, photo credit PR


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