Jackie Chan movie was shot in Zagreb

Bozji oklop Zagreb

Jackie Chan’s movie was shot in Zagreb?

The colorful streets of Zagreb would rarely give you an impression of an action scene, but that’s precisely what Zagreb was during 1986 when Jackie Chan came to Zagreb to shoot an action scene on some of most significant attractions in Zagreb for the movie „Armour of God.“ The background for the action scenes was Dolac market, Mirogoj cemetery and Upper town (p.s. you can check out all those locations in our Zagreb tours!). While filming the action scenes, Chan got himself into the chase and got crazy a bit which resulted in serious injuries. Luckily, he got an A-class treatment from Croatian doctors and got well in no time. The movie „Armour of God“ got great reviews and also got nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award. Inhabitants of Zagreb of that time still remember how a big deal the whole shooting was and even witnessed Jackie Chan running through Zagreb and overturning market stands during the chase. Jackie mentioned a few times how a wonderful time he had in Zagreb despite the injuries and we hope he’ll come back anytime soon. In case you wondered about more worldwide known movies shot in Croatia, read more on this article.

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