Jarun lake in Zagreb

If you ask anyone in Zagreb, what’s the best part of the city to go jogging or just walking endlessly with your mind in the air, believe us, most of them would answer Jarun!
A part of Zagreb with so many recreational activities to try, sports clubs, rowing lanes, great restaurants and coffee places and (the younger generations know, of course)-night clubs!
So what is the story of this place?
In the 18th century, Jarun was an acute sleigh around which there were small settlements and cornfields. The flood in 1964 encouraged the construction of the embankment along the Sava river, which has flooded, making Jarun physically separate from the river itself and became a swamp. At that time Jarun left a huge amount of gravel that was used to build the embankment, and eventually expanded and became a lake.
In the seventies, there was this idea of building a sports recreation center in the western part of town. At the same time, Zagreb was chosen as the host of the University Games for 1987. Lake Jarun was chosen as the perfect location for building such an object. At the beginning of the construction, Jarun was arranged as a lake of 70 hectares with a paddle trail built to the highest standards and the eastern end of Jarun built the Sports Park Mladost, the Student Home Stjepan Radić and the Faculty of Kinesiology. Such a huge sports complex increased the demand for housing in that part of the city, so massive construction of residential buildings in the vicinity of Jarun began.

Lake Jarun, apart from the rowing track, consists of two connected lakes for swimming and recreation, the Great Lakes and Little Lakes and the six islands (The Island of the Universe, the Tresnjevka Island, the Croatian Youth Island, the Island of the Wilderness, the Otter Island and the Island of Love). Around the lakes is an asphalted road, so Lake Jarun, both on hot summer days and in the cold winter, is a favorite gathering place for all the people of Zagreb who want various forms of recreation. In addition to recreational activities, on Lake Jarun there are regularly rowing and sailing regattas, kayaking, and canoeing on calm waters, swimming marathons, athletic and cycling races, and the other. On the shore of the lake were built several catering facilities, which are part of the Zagreb nightlife offer.

A part of the city that just oozes youthfulness and healthy spirit, who wouldn’t like that?






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