Kornati national park

We introduced you to some of Croatia’s well-known attractions in the form of national parks. The case of Kornati national park makes a special stance because this wonder of nature is completely made of islands, smaller island, and scaurs, or to be more precise – 89 of them!

Often called „the rocky pearls of Mediterranean,“ the Kornati really is a place that will haunt your mind with its beauty in all that outer space-like environment and bring out your hidden imagination pus emotion. Aside from the visual experience, Kornati is also rich in various kinds of ecosystems made of fascinating animals, coral reefs, and herbs. All that made UNESCO I 1980. to recognize it as the notable wonder of nature which made it a national park.
Another interesting fact is that a big amount of the archipelago is the private property of the locals from surrounding islands. The properties are divide by handmade drywalls made by those very same locals and their ancestors many years ago, which is in one way a Croatian phenomenon, especially looking at it from the sky.
The Kornati is simply a place you have to see yourself because no words can describe it, either in text or while talking about them to your friends.
Feed your hungry eyes and imagination and explore the magic in the middle of the sea.
You’ll thank us later!

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