Kremshnita? What’s that 🙂


What is „cream-schnitta“ and why is it so popular?

Just a half-away ride from Zagreb will lead you to a picturesque little town of Samobor which seems to be a perfect getaway from the urban jungle nearby. Relaxed people, cute coffee shops, traditional houses, and traditional cuisine seem like an impossible combination in times like these. Samobor is the closest to the border with Slovenia and very to Zagreb,  but why not see it for yourself and book a tour now and experience it firsthand?
And while you’re in Samobor, a definite „must“ is to try maybe the most popular cake-like pastry in Croatia and its name is the Kremšnita (read: Cream-schnitta).


A simple dessert made of puff pastry, eggs, a little milk, and sugar! What makes it so tasty and unique? Well, probably the soft cream which is the filling, a refreshing taste, and a touch of tradition with no added decorations or fancy ingredients. Imagine walking into the past in a lovely, rural little town and enjoying a wonderful creamy cake while sipping coffee in the sun, surrounded by nature and peace. You, too, can have a chance to experience this by visiting Samobor from Zagreb, plus taking a quick glimpse into the future by visiting an incredible electric car company also in Samobor, all on this tour.
What else can you ask for?

Well, in case the magic of Kremšnita enchanted you, why not take a cooking class that will teach you all the skills you need to create your little piece of gastronomic heaven? Book class, invest in a remarkable talent!


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