Kristina Kuzmić Crocco – Everything is possible

Kristina Kuzmić Crocco was one of the 15,000 participants who submitted their own TV show proposal to well-known TV host. Attractive actress, who moved out of Osijek to the United States 15 years ago, surely didn’t expect to reach the finals!

Oprah chose between Kristina’s culinary show and travel show by Zach Anner, a man whose idea was to make travelogue although he is tied to a wheelchair due to a spinal injury. Famous for her generosity, Oprah finally gave the show both to Kristina and Zach.

Kristina now has a dream boss, two beautiful children, a husband who provides her with great support in all things and a wonderful friendship with Zach Anner.

She claims that she learned the most about the cooking from her grandma. Kristina is a real example that everything is possible and that dreams can come true!

But what we like the most are the SO TRUE stories about parenthood. Dear Kristina – you made me laugh so many times ….and I’m sure you gonna do it again!

We wish our Kristina all the best!

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