Kvarner bay

Kvarner Bay is in the northeastern part of the Adriatic Sea between Istria and the Croatian coast. The largest islands in the Kvarner Bay are Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Rab.
Rijeka, the largest Croatian port, is located on the coast of Kvarner. Here is also a famous tourist destination – Opatija.
Kvarner islands are very popular among Croatans, especially from Zagreb and central Croatia, so many of them have summer houses on those islands and coasts.
Hilton Costabella Croatia Rijeka photo credit by Hilton Costabella

Hilton Costabella Beach & Resort

Imagine the very heart of Kvarner bay, surrounded by soaring mountains and nature parks of Učka and Risnjak, with cobalt-blue waters of the bay around it…  Imagine a piece of Earth right there, settled between the charming town of Opatija…
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Camino Krk pilgrimage route

Pilgrimage routes in Europe have been a well-known thing for centuries and are a way many people find necessary for their mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Photo by Luka Tabako photo credit by City of Krk Tourist Board.jpg The act…
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Krk 0663 1

The Routes of the Croatian noble family Frankopan

Grobnik Castle, Croatia, The Routes of the Frankopans. photo credit by Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Castles, fortified towns above the sea, endowments… Battles, victories and defeats, diplomatic games and conspiracies, personal dramas, and national turning points… If you start from Krk,…
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Mali Losinj Losinj Island Croatia photo by Andreja Prusa Horvatic

Mali Lošinj – Lussino

Mali Lošinj successfully holds a position of significant maritime, commercial, and tourist center. The largest island town on the Adriatic, located on the south side of the island Lošinj, is one of the main tourist centers in Croatia. Many factors…
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By TomK32 Diskussion Copyrighted free use from Wikimedia Commons

Veli Lošinj Health Resort

You may have heard about the island of Mali Lošinjand its breathtaking nature which serves as a vitality restoration for anyone who visits. And the healing powers of this island were recognized far in the 19th century when in the…
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slovo glagoljice na putu L Davor Zunic

The Valun tablet

As well to the Baška tablet, there is also one other significant monument for Croatian history. The Valun tablet is one of the oldest Croatian epigraphic monuments dating from the 9th century. Cres sheep, photo by Matko M. Švarc It…
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