LEEK STEW – A favorite winter meal

Leek stew is a delicious lunch and a favorite winter meal in continental Croatia! Try this simple recipe and enjoy a healthy meal!


5-6 leeks, bacon, cubed or sliced,2-3 garlic cloves (finely chopped),4-5 potato cubed, minced sweet red pepper, olive oil, salt, pepper


Leak rinse, dry, cut vertically into quarters (remove and discard the tip), then cut into cubes approximately 2 centimeters in size, blanch in salted boiling water and rinse. Fry bacon in olive oil. Bring to boil potato cubes in a pot. Add minced red pepper, bacon basked in frying juice, pour with water to cover potato, add blanched leak, water, and leave to simmer on light heat 20-30 minutes. Serve warm.

Practical tip:

Optional, add garlic-flavored sausage or Krainer sausage.

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