Legendary Croatian musician Oliver Dragojević has died

After struggling with health issues related to cancer, one of the most loved and talented Croatian music artists, Oliver Dragojević.
In spite of his evergrowing optimism when it came to the prognosis of his health, Oliver did not win this battle.


What Oliver Dragojević did for Croatian music is not even possible to say in words since he was a pure talent and an old Mediterranean soul and you could feel that in his songs.
He would often say “If you don’t truly feel and have no hateful feeling towards what you do for a living, then you have no limits.”

Oliver was a music enthusiast since he was a child when his father bought him a little lip harmonica. He had his last live concert on October 15th in Split’s National Theatre and was forced to cancel further concerts due to his health condition.

Besides being a favorite of the audience in Croatia, he is one of the only few music artists, not only in Croatia, but in the world, who held concerts in Royal Albert Hall in London, Olympia Paris, and Opera House Sydney.

He was unique, and with his charisma, he will live forever in the minds and memories of all the generations who had the luck to live in the same time and place as Oliver Dragojević did.

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