Let it be Svjetlost Eye Clinic – the world-class ophthalmology

The word Svjetlost in Croatian means – light, and that is the sole goal of Eye Clinic Svjetlost, to bring in light and sharp vision for patients that choose Svjetlost for their eye care procedures.

Svjetlost was founded in 1998 by Nikica Gabrić, the doctor wanted to bring the latest technology and surgical techniques to Croatia. Professor Gabrić pioneered a patient-oriented customer service, lacking in Croatia at the time, making sure every patient felt as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Nikica Gabrić was a pioneer of laser vision correction in the region, performing the first laser correction over 20 years ago. Svjetlost is one of the leading European clinics dealing with multifocal and intraocular lenses with an extended range of vision. These so-called premium lenses are implanted for both cataract surgery and presbyopia (reading prescription) correction to gain excellent postoperative vision without using glasses – even for reading.

Surgeons of Eye Clinic Svjetlost with ophthalmic Oscar for Best live surgery

During the 20 years of existence, Svjetlost became a market leader in Central and South Eastern Europe with seven offices, offices, 45 top expert ophthalmologists and more than 125,000 eye surgeries with 350,000 satisfied patients.

Over 30% of all patients in Svjetlost are medical tourists from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

In 2009, Svjetlost invested ten million dollars into a six-story-high building with six operating theatres in Zagreb, where it’s headquarters are today.

Svjetlost won multiple international awards for excellence in ophthalmology, in Cannes, the clinic was awarded ‘Best Regional Hospital’ for excellence in quality and management, while in Berlin, Svjetlost was presented with the ‘Quality Choice Prize.’ In 2015, Svjetlost won the Oscar equivalent in ophthalmology for ‘Best Live Surgery’ in Milan, performing five complicated eye surgeries in under an hour. Svjetlost Eye Clinic has recently been presented the Star Diamond Award in recognition of excellence in the field of ophthalmology, and it has been selected as the regional leader in diagnosis and treatment, with 20 years of experience in providing top quality services.

6. prof Nikica Gabric and Armand Assante

The Clinic provides services in Zagreb and Split, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina the center is located in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. The new centers are opened in Serbia in the city of Novi Sad, in Budva Montenegro and in FYROM in Skopje.

prof Nikica Gabric and his team of doctors in the conference room

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