Lipik thermal sanatorium

In the beautiful region of Slavonia, hides a little place that has been known for centuries and centuries tits magical healing powers –Lipik.
This is the place where you can witness fantastic synergy of medical professionals and natural sources of amazing healthy thermal waters.

Natural mineral water started flowing underground 35,000 years ago. Protected from all pollutants and rich in minerals, it is ideal for your health and well-being. Many world experts have studied invigorating properties of this water, which has been used since ancient times for therapeutic purposes.

It is believed that the ancient Romans knew about the advantages of the thermal water from Lipik but, it was first mentioned in written documents in the 16th century. The Lipik Sanatorium was mentioned as far back as 1517, under the name of “Lipik springs.”

The second half of the 19th century brought a professional and serious approach to thermal waters of Lipik. It was then that a well Count’s spring (Grofovo vrelo) was drilled by hand. Mineral water from the Count’s spring rises from the depth of almost 300 meters, with a temperature of 64˚C. It contains mostly fluorine, sodium, calcium, potassium, and hydrogen carbonate.

In 2010, a balneo-chemical analysis was performed in the laboratory of the Division of Water Analysis of the School of Public Health “Andrija Štampar.” According to the analysts, the tested water is mineral, high in fluorine, sodium, hydrogen carbohydrate and chlorine, and it has hyperthermic characteristics.

As such, it has strong balneological properties because of its temperature, amount of fluoride and content of the dominant ions: sodium, hydrogen carbonate and chlorine.

The  Lipik thermal sanatorium is known for its excellent treatments of neurological problems, rheumatic diseases, posttraumatic conditions, post-op rehabilitation, urological diseases and preventional treatments of all kinds.






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