Lošinj has become the destination of elite tourism

Despite great investments in Lošinj, the goal is to preserve the natural appearance of the island and pine forests. In the near future, a number of major projects are planned, and one of these projects is the construction of the Matalda Eco Golf Resort and the new marina which will ensure the appearance of Lošinj on the world map of top destinations and enable all-year tourism.

Apart from the facilities, it is invested in improving the quality of the current trends, highlighting the programs of health tourism directed towards pulmonary rehabilitation and medical wellness, as well as the connection of the natural healing elements of Lošinj and the top hotel service with the aim of positioning the facilities and the entire island as a center of vitality , healthy living and natural recovery.

The investment in the golf course is crucial for the pace and positioning of Lošinj on the world tourist market. It will be built according to the initiative of Jadranka d.d. and will contain 36 holes (two playgrounds with 18 holes) and it will be covering the area of 320 hectares.

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