Lošinj is The Island of Vitality

Pleasant Mediterranean climate, rich biodiversity (230 kinds of herbs), essential oils, sea aerosols, clean air, crystal clear sea … all of this has a fantastic impact on your respiratory system!

The island of Lošinj with an annual insolation of more than 2500 hours and a extremely low cloudiness is one of the sunniest places in Europe. In the summer months, Maestral wind is blowing in the afternoon from the west, bringing a pleasant refreshment from the open sea. The Island has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with mild Winter and long and hot Summer.

In June 1982, thanks to numerous researchers, experiences, and testimonies of those whose health condition improved with their stay on the island, Lošinj was proclaimed „climatic spa“.

Climate and natural aerosols have a beneficial effect on the pulmonary functions of Lošinj visitors, that is also demonstrated by the most common of the pulmonary function tests – spirometry – by measuring the pulmonary function parameters of the examinees, both at the arrival on the island of vitality and their departure.


It has many promenades and is a favorite destination for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. Particularly attractive promenades are on the hill Osoršćica (Nerezine) and Sveti Ivan (Veli Lošinj).

Thanks to Ambroz Haračić, a botanist, a large part of the island was afforested and dense pine forests have become the symbol of the island and this plays an invaluable role in tourist development. Some of the plant species brought the Lošinj sailors in the past from far corners of the world and planted them in the gardens of their homes. Veli Lošinj has an attractive park, which was built by Archduke Karlo Habsburg. There are about 200 species of different trees from around the world. The coniferous trees and the Mediterranean and exotic plants: fir trees, various palms, eucalyptus, sequoia, magnolia, cedar …

It is also important to note that the active substances of essential oils originating from various plants on the island affect the quality of life, the mental health, and the mood, and has many positive physical effects.

If you want to do something good for your health while enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds you, visit the Island of Vitality!

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