Lošinj Island – Still Hidden treasure of Croatia

People have come to Lošinj island long ago. They stayed or passed through thousands of years of historical change. Everyone has left a mark and contributed to the creation of a rich heritage that offers us numerous insights and drags us to tap into every corner of stone boats, the history of many nomads and to get to know the values that this pearl of the hides – Lošinj Island.

Every nation left traces of material and immaterial culture. From the prehistory, from the Illyrian tribes, the famous Greek peoples who came to Europe across the Adriatic, and later, the Roman empire spread its strong influence and its power. In the 6th and 7th centuries, the Slavs reached the coasts of the Adriatic and arrived at the Walls of Roman and Byzantine towns. Soon, the vast expanse of the coast and the island belongs to them. Slowly but surely, Croats for centuries gradually penetrate the city nuclei.The dominion over the area has passed on to those who were stronger on the Adriatic: Venice, Austria, Napoleon’s empire, and later the new conquerors of Italy and Third Reich. It all left traces in the cultural heritage. Values of the settlement will remain the subject of future generations.

It is assumed that in the area of Lošinj there was not a lot of ancient settlements but a larger number of Roman estates with buildings and country houses. The remains of the foundations of Roman mansions were also found on the island. Mali Lošinj dates from the newer era. In the 19th Century, it became the strongest maritime center on the East Coast of the Adriatic. People from here sailed to all the seas of the world and brought numerous cultural values.

Interesting is the “Piperata” – a collection of high artistic value, a selection of 27 art pieces. Collection of Venetian Masters of the 17th  century of Different Schools and Techniques with Old Carved Chests.

From the recent history of Lošinj, 1893, Spiridion Gopčević, founded the observatory in Mali Lošinj with then the strongest telescope in the Balkan!

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