Luxe, hotel with the glittering atmosphere

When you approach Split if you come from inland- you have to know that Split, especially the old city has no hotel at the seaside like you might see in Rovinj or some other place in Croatia. Actually- it’s sporadic. You can find many hotels on the beach, but it won’t be in the city.
Within steps of the Split’s city center, ancient Diocletian’s palace and most popular sandy beach Bacvice, you can now enjoy old world charm and state of the art luxury at the boutique Hotel Luxe.

In the place of ex-old factory built almost 100 years ago, today stands fully refurbished and reconstructed, the most exciting and fashionable boutique hotel.
But – with the biggest W for The view! Yes – Luxe has the most magnificent view of the Split port.
And – in just 5 minutes walk you gonna be at the core of the old Diocletian city, one of the most beautiful cities you can see in your entire life.

The Diocletian Palace, even today after 17 centuries, allows locals to live in the palace and to live The palace.
You might ask yourself- why would anyone want to live in this ancient palace where probably the walls are so thick and where any reconstruction might cost a fortune? Right. The inhabitants would like to live in any modern place- but at the same time- they won’t be living in the Palace. The Palace. The palace was built by one of the Roman emperors! Can you imagine that you leave the great history behind and just go on living in some modern and so faceless home? I can’t.
And let’s get back to Luxe.

Hotel Luxe features comfortable and modern rooms, splashes of rich color, cozy wellness area, contemporary furnishing, and extraordinary service. But – there is a small yet cozy and cigar lounge!!!

What I like the most – it’s bling! You’ll find some many hanging crystals and the entire hotel seems like sparkling.
It has completely different dimension because of that glittering feeling and very vivid colors.

When you put all together, the view, the modern design, the perfect position, the sound of great music all over the hotel, the cigar bar, and the atmosphere – and the pets (as they are welcome) and that glittering atmosphere ….you must love it!
I do!

Andreja Horvatić, editor        

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